Fall 2019 Seminar Series

All seminars will be held 11:00 to 11:50 a.m. in room 2004 of Black Engineering Building, unless otherwise noted. Check back as more seminars will be announced throughout the semester.

Date Speaker Title Area Host
Aug. 27 Yusuf Altintas
University of British Columbia
“Virtual High Performance Machining” Manufacturing Abhijit Chandra
Aug. 28* Ian Frigaard
University of British Columbia
“Why do wells leak, how much do they leak and will multiphase fluid dynamics save the day?” Energy, Fluids CoMFRE
Sept. 10 Sibani Lisa Biswal
Rice University
“Visualizing Multiphase Flow Processes Using Porous Media Microfluidic Devices” Energy Jaime Juárez
Sept. 16* Upendra Natarajan
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
“Conformations and equilibrium dynamics of polar polymers in aqueous solution as studied by molecular dynamics simulations” Fluids CoMFRE
Sept. 17 Alison Lesley Marsden
Stanford University
“Computational modeling of coronary artery hemodynamics for personalized medicine in children and adults” Computational Ming-Chen Hsu
Sept. 24 Cristina M. Sabliov
Louisiana State University
“Polymeric nanoparticles– a versatile delivery system in medicine and agriculture” Health Carmen Gomes
Sept. 25* Kimberly Moss
Iowa State University
“Thinking About Visuals, Visuals About Thinking: How to Communicate Your Work in a Poster Presentation” Professional Development CoMFRE
Oct. 8 Christopher J. Hernandez
Cornell University
“Mechanical Properties of Biological Systems: Bones and Bacteria” Health: Biomechanics Jaime Juárez
Oct. 15 Martin Bazant
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Control of Interfacial Stability in Electrochemical Systems” Energy, Fluids Baskar Ganapathysubramaniam
Oct. 16* Victor Calo
Curtin University, Australia 
“Multiscale, Multiphysics, and Multiresolution Computing in Science and Engineering” Fluids CoMFRE
Oct. 22 Katherine A. Mirica
Dartmouth College
“Molecular Engineering of Materials for Chemical Sensing and Microelectronics” Energy Reza Montazami
Oct. 23* Jinhui Yan
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Computational thermal multiphase flows with applications to metallic additive manufacturing” Fluids CoMFRE
Oct. 29 Kellie Mullaney
Iowa State University
“CVs vs Resumes” Professional Development MEGSO
Nov. 7 Joe Keyes
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices
“Restoring Flow and Fixing Wires: Mechanics in Medicine” Health Carmen Gomes
Nov. 12 Cyril Williams
Army Research Laboratory
TBD Health Sarah Bentil
Nov. 19 Kira Barton
University of Michigan
“Advancements in High-Resolution Additive Manufacturing” Manufacturing Reza Montazami

*This seminar begins at 10:00 a.m. in 2004 Black