2021-2022 Department Seminar Series

All seminars will be held in 2004 Black Engineering Building, unless otherwise noted.

Date Presenter Presentation
Sept. 14
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Anthony Locurto and Adam Lawrence
Iowa State University
“ME 600 Seminar”
Sept. 23
10:00 to 10:50 a.m.
Minami Yoda
Georgia Tech University
Near-Wall Observations of Migration andAssembly of Colloidal Particles Suspended in Poiseuille and Electroosmotic Flow”
Oct. 12
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Hamidreza Zobeiri
Iowa State University
Direct Characterization of Thermal Non-equilibrium between Optical and Acoustic Phonons in Graphene Paper under Photon Excitation”
Oct. 19
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Justin Lajoie
Iowa State University
3D Printing of AP Composite Rocket Propellant”
Oct. 19
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Jiaqiong Li
Iowa State University
Line-Scan Hyperspectral Imaging”
Nov. 4
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Aishwarya Pawar
Purdue University
“Spline-based computational methods for image registration, neuron morphogenesis and tissue growth”
Nov. 9
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Yi Hua
University of Pittsburgh
“Application of Engineering Tools to Understand Eye Biomechanics and Glaucoma”
Nov. 10
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Gina Olson
Carnegie Mellon University
Soft Structures: The Backbone of Soft Robots”
Nov. 11
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Zhenpeng Qin
University of Texas at Dallas
Micro/Nanoscale Interface with the Brain Using Light and Advanced Nanomaterials”
Nov. 11
3:00 to 3:50 p.m.
Joshua Heyne
University of Dayton
“Sustainable aviation fuel needs and opportunities”
Nov. 16
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Devin Laurence
University of Oklahoma
Synthesizing Experimental and Computational Mechanics to Understand the Biomechanics of the Tricuspid Valve”
Nov. 18
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Neda Latifi
University of Toronto
Tissue-mimetic Nano-fibrillar Biomaterials for Engineering Functional Load-bearing Tissues”
Nov. 30
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Zeeshan Ahmad
University of Chicago
Computational Design of Functional Materials and Interfaces for Energy Storage and Conversion”
Dec. 1
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Masoud Behzadinsab
Brown University
Innovations in Computational Fracture Mechanics”
2:00 to 2:50 p.m.
Minami Yoda
Georgia Tech
“Observations of Near-Wall Dynamics of Colloidal Particles Suspended in Poiseuille and Electroosmotic Flow”
Dec. 7
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Neda Maghsoodi
Cal Tech
Dynamics of Soft Filaments”
Dec. 8
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Qiang Zhong
University of Virginia
“Cyber-physical Robot Systems for Ocean Explorations”
Dec. 9
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Amin Ghadami
University of Michigan
“Tackling Surprises in Complex Systems: Data-driven Forecasting of Critical Transitions Based on Invariants of Nonlinear Dynamics”
Jan. 20
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Meisam Asgari
McGill University
“Mechanics of Biological Materials and Biomimetic Design”
Jan. 25
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Stephen D. Tse
Rutgers University
“Flame Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Fabrication of Novel Composites, and In Situ Laser Based Diagnostics”
Feb. 22
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Martha Grover
Georgia Tech
“A Systems Engineering Approach to Molecular Organization”
March 8
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Hui Ouyang
University of Texas at Dallas
“Aerosol control technology for human health”
March 22
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
*Ali Mani
Stanford University
“A computational ‘rheometer’ for turbulent flows”
March 29
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Ibolja Cernak
Mercer University
“Blast injuries: Modeling challenges to reflect reality”
April 5
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
John-Paul Clarke
University of Texas at Austin
Towards Increasingly Autonomous Aircraft-enabled Mobility”
April 12
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Ankur Jain
University of Texas at Arlington
“Heat Transfer in Li ion Batteries Interfaces, Imaginary Eigenvalues and Thermal Runaway”
April 19
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
David Rothamer
University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Advancements in thermographic phosphor thermometry in fluids and on surfaces”
April 26
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Prashant Kamat
University of Notre Dame
“Perovskite Photocatalysis. Tracking Electron Transfer at CsPbBr3 Nanocrystal Interface”

*The Richard and Carol Pletcher Seminar Series was established in 2016 with support from the Pletcher family. Richard “Dick” Pletcher served on the ME faculty at Iowa State from 1967 to 2007. During his tenure Dr. Pletcher made countless research contributions to the fields of fluid dynamics and heat transfer, including co-authoring the popular Computation Fluid Mechanic and Heat Transfer textbook.