Undergraduate Student Services Center


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Located in 2620 Howe Hall

The Mechanical Engineering Department’s Academic Advisers are dedicated to enhancing each student’s academic and career aspirations.


Our staff

Tessa Brow,
Academic Adviser
Matt Dikeman, Academic Adviser
Mindy Heggen,
Academic Adviser
Fred Lloyd, Academic Adviser
Aliza MacKenzie, Academic Adviser
Alyssa Mittleider, Academic Adviser
Hazel Peterson, Advising Secretary
John Wagner, Lead Academic Adviser
Johna Wolfe, Academic Adviser

Our Mission Statement

Mechanical Engineering’s professional advisers are:

  • Interested in the academic, personal, and professional development of their advisees
  • Knowledgeable about University, College, and departmental policies and procedures
  • Advocates for their advisees, the department, the College, and the University

Our Academic Advisers will help you with:

  • Navigating university, college, and departmental systems
  • Identifying university resources
  • Understanding program requirements
  • Planning your courses
  • Finding solutions to academic problems
  • Making academic decisions
  • Course registration
  • Personal concerns
  • Transferring courses from other institutions

Our Academic Advisers encourage their advisees to:

  • Be serious about their studies and learning
  • Be responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions
  • Be knowledgeable about Iowa State policies and procedures and the graduation requirements for the Mechanical Engineering program
  • Be conscientious about integrating degree requirements with out-of-class, leadership, and career opportunities