The Mine

A student draws on a whiteboard

Capstone Studio 0095e black engineering building

The Capstone Studio is where you can work with your peers to dream and create in a highly collaborative, safe environment. The brightly lit room is completely wrapped in glass marker boards for you to draw plans, write out equations and mark up the walls – floor to ceiling. The room houses eight-team tables with high-powered computers as well as a project assembly space with tools and storage lockers.

A student works inside a lab

Instrumentation Lab 0069 black engineering building

Our instrumentation lab is where you take what you’ve learned about engineering measurements in the classroom and apply them in real-world scenarios including measuring temperature, learning how to calibrate various sensors, and how to analyze and control these complex systems.

A student takes a measure inside a lab

Emerson Lab / Fluids 0076 black engineering building

The Emerson Fisher Lab is where you’ll learn concepts in incompressible fluid flow; dimensional analysis and similitude; and internal flow applications. You’ll also work on multiple different fluid mechanics experiments, including testing of pump performance, flow through pipes and valves, flow meters, fluid momentum, and transition to turbulence.

Two students work together inside a lab

Dynamics & Controls Lab 0083 black engineering building

This lab gives you hands-on experience working with various control systems that will operate various mechanical objects. You’ll spend time characterizing dynamic systems and simulating how they can be changed – for example, controlling the temperature of a simulated house by changing the speed of the air flowing through it. The lab includes a thermal system, an electrical system, a fluid system, and an electro-mechanical system (i.e. a DC motor) that you interact with.

Three students work together inside a lab

Heat Transfer Lab 0087 black engineering building

At the Heat Transfer Lab, you’ll work on heat transfer simulations applying convection, conduction, and radiation principles. This state-of-the-art lab also features Armfield wind tunnels, forced convection simulations, FLIR cameras, passive data collection thermocouple, and more.