Facility Safety

Resources for PI’s:

For PI’s – EH&S Research Support Checklist (PDF)

General Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 

Lab Inspection Forms

EH&S Resources for Laboratories

New to ME? Start Here:

For PI’s, Researchers, Grad Students, & Post Docs – Lab Check-In Form (PDF)

Safety Training:

Required Training on Canvas for all ISU Laboratory Personnel: 

  • Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts
  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Safety (online)
  • Emergency Response Guide Video

Safety Training Curriculum for Laboratory Personnel

Information for Accidents and Incidents

  • Near misses (an accident that almost happened but no injury or property/equipment damage occurred)
  • Injuries (an accident that results in any physical injury)
  • Incidents (an accident that results in property or equipment damage)
  • Lab issues
  • Safety issues
  • Equipment questions

Identify Hazards for New or Existing Lab Procedures

  • Complete this form annually for existing lab equipment or when purchasing new lab equipment to identify and track potential hazards

SOP Development:

EH&S SOP Template (DOCX)

ISU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Training and Resources:

EH&S Laboratory Safety Website