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We are hosting the Fall 2023 Midwest Regional EAN Conference!

(Information coming soon)


Are you an educator?

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5 Sentence Presentation Description  document shows all the topics we have and the audience they are geared towards.


Are you an engineering undergraduate?

To apply to be one of our Engineering Ambassadors,
please complete an application at: 

Group photo of 22 Fall workshop participants
(Note: only undergraduate engineering students at Iowa State can apply)

Vision Statement:

Building strong leaders for society and paving the way for new engineers!

Mission Statement:

The Engineering Ambassadors Network (EAN) is an alliance of universities that trains a cohort of diverse and technically skilled engineering undergraduates on how to change the way people talk about engineering. The ISU EAN Chapter is committed to empowering ambassadors with leadership and advanced communication skills, so that they can help future generations understand what engineers do and change the conversation about engineering. For more info, visit:

Ambassador outcomes: as a result of participating in this program, ambassadors will…

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Use technical communication skills
  • Practice presentation skills
  • Work together with diverse engineers and student populations
  • Communicate professionally with K-12 school personnel
  • Networking with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Serve students within their community

Participant outcomes: as a result of participating in one of our activities, participants will…

  • Complete an engineering exercise
  • Gain exposure to engineering ideas/concepts
  • Think about their opportunities for becoming an engineer
  • Discover that engineers come from all walks of life
  • Make a connection with engineering undergraduate students
A college student works with a group of K12 students
College engineering students present to a group of K12 students

Your mission…
Should you choose to accept it, is to:
Inspire K12 students
Your objective…
Is to grow engineering leadership skills
By creating cool devices and activities
Your efforts…
Will inspire future engineers
To follow in your footsteps
You will…
Meet students, teachers and companies
And build your professional network
You need…
To complete training
To become an effective communicator
Will you…
Become an engineering ambassador
Let’s find out…


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