Graduate Independent Study

The Advanced Independent Study (5900/6900) Proposal Process

An independent study proposal must be submitted no later than the end of the third week of the semester in order for the proposal to be considered for the current semester.

ME 5900/6900 automatically counts as a technical elective, the Department of Mechanical Engineering requires all Mechanical Engineering students to complete a proposal prior to enrolling in a 5900/6900 course, regardless of whether it is within or outside of Mechanical Engineering. ME 5900/6900 cannot be counted toward the ME core requirements of a degree. Students should identify the specific course of ME 5900/6900 based on the area of focus for the independent study. Once the student has submitted their form, the student will receive an email from the Graduate Program office either confirming or denying their request.

Areas of Focus

  • ME 5900Q – Special Topics: Independent Literature Investigation
  • ME 5900T – Special Topics: Biological and Nanoscale Sciences
  • ME 5900U – Special Topics: Complex Fluid Systems
  • ME 5900V – Special Topics: Clean Energy Technologies
  • ME 5900W – Special Topics: Design and Manufacturing Innovation
  • ME 5900Z – Special Topics: Simulation and Visualization