The Bentil Group


The following courses are taught by prof. Bentil:

Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses


ME 160 (Mechanical Engineering 160)
Mechanical Engineering Problem Solving with Computer Application
Introduction to the field of Mechanical Engineering through problem-solving in a range of topics including statics, mechanics of materials and thermo-fluids. Techniques to professionally present and communicate solutions. Use of MATLAB computer programming to aid problem solving, including curve fitting and graphing.


ME 170 (Mechanical Engineering 170)
Engineering Graphics and Introductory Design
Integration of fundamental graphics, computer modeling, and engineering design. Applications of multiview drawings and dimensioning. Techniques for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating 3-D geometries. Application of the design process including written and oral reports. Freehand and computer methods.


ME 325 (Mechanical Engineering 325)
Mechanical Component Design
Philosophy of design and design methodology. Consideration of stresses and failure models useful for static and fatigue loading. Analysis, selection and synthesis of machine elements.

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ME 335 (Mechanical Engineering 335)
Fluid Flow
Incompressible and compressible fluid flow fundamentals. Dimensional analysis and similitude. Internal and external flow applications. Lab experiments emphasizing concepts in thermodynamics and fluid flow. Written reports are required.

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ME 538 (Mechanical Engineering 538)
Advanced Fluid Flow
Detailed analysis of incompressible/compressible, viscous/inviscid, laminar/turbulent, and developing fluid flows on a particle/point control volume basis.

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