The Bentil Group


The Bentil Group is equipped with the following facilities:


Oxy-acetylene Shock Tube.

The oxy-acetylene shock tube is used to simulate a blast impact, in support of blast-induced traumatic injury research. Click here to view the video of the oxy-acetylene shock tube in action.

Iowa State University’s first oxy-acetylene shock tube. Designed by William J. Jackson, for The Bentil Group.

Shock tube fabrication was by Central Iowa Machine Shop (, Iowa State University’s Machine Shop in the Department of Chemistry, and William J. Jackson (Jack).


Discovery hybrid rheometer (hr-2).

General purpose rheometer for soft material property characterization. HR-2 is capable of both axial and torsional loading.

TA Instruments.

Other facilities
  • Propane-driven shock tube for blast impact research
  • Compression-driven shock tubes for blast impact research
  • High-speed digital monochrome cameras (Photron FASTCAM SA-Z)
  • Optical tables (Newport)
  • Digital image correlation software (Correlated Solutions)
  • Sterilizer for decontamination and sterilization (Market Forge)
  • Biosafety cabinet (Nuaire Class II, Type A2)
  • Fume hood (Mott)

The Bentil Group’s facilities are housed in a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory. A BSL-2 laboratory is suitable for research involving agents that pose moderate hazards to personnel and the environment.