Graduate Degrees and Programs

Our graduate-level mechanical engineering programs are designed to pair academic course work with research to solve society’s toughest challenges. We pride ourselves in working across the boundaries between disciplines and departments to develop new methods and technologies that make a true difference in the world.

Advanced degrees designed to give you a competitive career advantage

Each of our unique graduate degrees offers different curriculum and career trajectory.

  • The highest degree available
  • Strong emphasis on research and works extensively with major professor
  • Typically requires four to five years to complete
  • Includes coursework and a research component with opportunities to work directly with faculty
  • Typically earned in two years
  • Coursework only, no research component
  • Flexible schedules; offered fully online or in person
  • Can be completed in as little as one year, depending on course load
  • Coursework only, no research component
  • Fully online program
  • Students can receive the certificate in as little as 9 months by taking two courses per semester

Research Focus Areas

Our graduate students work directly with faculty to investigate challenges and develop solutions in these areas:

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Graduate students are encouraged to take courses from across engineering and science disciplines to build a curriculum plan that meets their own research interests and talents.