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Wood Section

Ellis Horizontal Band Saw
• Can be used for cutting metals, polymers, or wood
DeWalt Scroll Saw
• Used for cutting intricate shapes of thin wood or plastic
Delta Jointer
• Used for wood to cut bevels or square up edges
Ellis Belt Grinder
• Used for wood or steel
Delta Compound Miter Saw
• Used for cutting wood, and some plastics
• Will cut at various angles
• Laser for material location
• Extendable supports
SawStop Table Saw
• Used for cutting flat wood stock only
• Utilizes dust collection system
• Blade stops on contact with skin
Delta Disc/Belt Sander

• Not for use with aluminum – use file for aluminum parts
• Used to smooth edges, round corners and other grinding operations
• Utilizes dust collection system

Delta Vertical Band Saw
• Used for wood and plastics only
• Utilizes dust collection system

Metals Section

Ellis Drill Press
• Used for drilling holes in metal, wood and plastic
• Drill needs to be on and spindle rotating before adjustments to speed can be made
• T-slots in table for workholding
Bench Grinder
• Used for grinding edges of steel parts
• Not to be used for aluminum
Wire Wheel
• Used to clean up edges or surfaces of steel or aluminum parts
Tennsmith Shear
• Used for cutting sheet steel up to 16ga, aluminum up to .125”, and plastic sheet
Tennsmith Brake
• Used for bending sheet metal up to 12ga steel and aluminum
Baileigh Slip Roller
• Used for rolling up to 16ga steel or aluminum
Uni-Hydro Iron Worker
• Used as punch, shear, notcher, and brake
• Can cut up to 3/8” steel plate
Clausing Lathe
• Used for creating axially symmetric geometry
• Wide range of materials can be cut including most metals, and polymers
• Threading and precision taper capabilities
Milltronics VM-15 CNC Mill
• Can machine 2D or 3D geometries.
• Auxiliary 4th Axis for round parts
• MasterCAM .NC code input
• 25” x 16” x 20” travel
• Able to machine metals, polymers, and some composites
• Computer-controlled, with user over-rides
Clausing 2.5D Vertical Mill
• Used for basic machining of 2.5D parts (milling, drilling, tapping)
• Pneumatic collet drawbar
• DRO for positioning and 2-axis auto-feed with rapid travel override
• Able to machine metals, polymers, some composites
Dake-Johnson Vertical Band Saw
• Metals and polymers
• Table equipped with auto feed mechanism
• Compressed air hose for cooling and chip clearance
• Built in blade welder and grinder
• T-slots in table for workholding
Jet Wood Lathe

Miscellaneous Section

JD Squared Pipe Bender
• Used to bend round tubing from ½” to 2 ½” diameter, square tubing up to 1 ½” and up to 2” Schedule 40 pipe. We have dies for 1” OD tubing in 3”, 3.5”, and 4.5” bend radius
• Pneumatic/hydraulic powered
• Angle indicated on baseplate