The Hive

The Hive is a 6400 square-foot area in Hoover Hall with  a fabrication shop, a computer lab, faculty offices, and a project assembly/CAD studio. Students in The Hive are constantly buzzing with innovative ideas that they design and build.  The Hive is a space where “if you can dream it, you can build it”.

Boyd Lab – 1260 Hoover Hall

Boyd Lab is a fabrication facility in The Hive that supports Mechanical Engineering classes and ISU student clubs. It offers hand tools, power tools, milling and turning equipment, wood working equipment, metal-working equipment, MIG and TIG welders, and a plasma cutter. Students who complete the required training can use the equipment during lab hours, or they can submit job requests for the shop to complete their projects for them.

Caterpillar Lab – 1360 Hoover Hall

ME 270: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

Caterpillar Lab

The Caterpillar Lab is both a class room and a design facility in The Hive where students meet for class lectures on design. It has space for design work, project assembly and storage, and even a gallery of past projects.

Caterpillar Lab
Caterpillar Lab

Undergraduate Computer Lab – 1233 Hoover Hall