Bioengineering and Translational Health

The biological and translational health program investigates problems at the interface of engineering, biology, and medicine, allowing us to apply the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering to expand opportunities for new science and engineering breakthroughs and translating these breakthroughs into clinical implementation. By merging the engineering fields of design, manufacturing, dynamics, materials, mechanics, fluid flow, and heat transfer with the scientific fields of chemistry, materials science, biology, we pursue experimental and computational strategies to understand the physical principles of phenomena impacting human health. This enabling research uses physical and data-enabled understanding of unique issues at the biotic/abiotic interface to make significant and lasting impact on challenges in cancer, infectious diseases, neurosciences, age-related diseases and global health.

Faculty researchers: Sarah Bentil, Carmen GomesNicole Hashemi, Ming-Chen Hsu, Jaime Juárez, Adarsh Krishnamurthy, Meng Lu, Reza Montazami, Juan Ren, Cris Schwartz, Pranav Shrotriya, and Eliot Winer