MEng Degree in Mechanical Engineering

MEng in Mechanical Engineering Degree Requirements

The MEng degree is a course-work only professional graduate (master’s) degree that is well suited for working professionals and individuals seeking additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree to become an outstanding engineer. A minimum of 30 graduate credits must be earned for the M.Eng. degree with the following requirements:

Mechanical Engineering Core
Any 500 or above level ME course as well as specific non-ME courses approved by the graduate committee. These courses are grouped according to disciplinary area emphasis to help student decide which courses to take based on interest.
Any 300-level or higher Math or Statistics class (EXCEPT Math 307 and Math 317) will count towards this requirement. Non-Math/Stat courses with strong math or statistics content that are approved by the graduate education committee may also count towards this requirement. See approved courses.
Professional Development
Choose one course from the following list:

  • ConE 380*:  Engineering Law
  • Econ 355: International Trade and Finance
  • HCI 594X*: Organizational Application of Collaborative Technology
  • HG ED: 561 College Teaching
  • IE 570*: Systems Engineering and Project Management
  • ME 510*: Economics and Policy of Engineering Energy Systems
  • ME 584*: Technology, Globalization and Culture
  • MGMT 472: Management of Diversity
  • SCM 501*: Supply Chain Management
  • Any foreign language courses (prerequisites may be needed which will not count towards the requirements)
  • Other courses, as approved by the POS committee
Choose any courses that you feel would round out your education; these can be from Mechanical Engineering or outside the major.
Total 30 credits
As per the graduate council guidelines, POS may not include more than three undergraduate classes –

  • either up to three courses at 400 level courses
  • one 300 level and up to two 400 level courses

As per the graduate council guidelines, for all master’s programs at Iowa State, at least 22 graduate credits must be earned at Iowa State.

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