Careers in ME

Mechanical engineers apply the principles of motion, energy, and force to create mechanical solutions to technological problems, thereby realizing devices and systems that make life better. About one-fifth of all engineers practicing today are mechanical engineers. Their skills are used in research, development, design, testing, production, technical sales, technical management, as well as medicine, law, and business. Mechanical engineers are characterized by personal creativity, breadth of knowledge, and versatility. For these reasons they are found to function and thrive as valuable members and leaders of multidisciplinary teams. Mechanical engineers are employed in a wide range of industries; examples include agricultural/heavy equipment, biomedical, consulting, energy and power, manufacturing, product design and transportation.

Check out Career Cornerstone Center, an online resource that explores ME career planning resources.

Companies: CargillJohn DeereVermeer

Relevant Courses: ME 413, ME 414, EM 425, EM 544, TSM 335, AE 342, Other relevant courses can be found at the Tech Elective lists under “Agricultural Engineering”

Companies: Boston ScientificCIMA LabsStryker

Relevant Courses: Chem 331, Chem 331L, Chem 332, Chem 332L; Other relevant courses can be found under courses for a minor in Non-Destructive Evaluation

“How Artificial Hearts Work”

Companies: AlgorParametric TechnologySolid EdgeSolidworks

Relevant Courses: ME 415, ME 417, ME 419, ME 475, ME 625, EM 425

Relevant Topics to Computer Aided Design:
Rapid Prototyping

The skill of solid modeling is required in rapid prototyping.  Do you know who on the ME faculty is an expert in solid modeling and various applications of solid modeling?

What is virtual reality?

Finite Element Analysis is widely used in industry.  To learn more about FEA follow these links and take EM 425 in the Spring term.


Companies: AltecBobcatCaterpillarEFCO CorpKiewit

Relevant Courses: ME 414, ME 449, ME 549, EM 425, TSM 335, AE 342

“How Hydraulic Machines Work”

“How Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders Work”

Companies: AccentureBibb and Associates Inc., Burns & McDonnellKJWWStanley ConsultantsTrinity Consultants

Relevant Courses: Con E 380, ME 412, ME 441, ME 442, ME 466

If you would like to open your own consulting firm, you will need to acquire a P.E. license.  The very first step in getting a P.E. license is passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Companies: Emerson Process Management-Fisher Controls International LLCGARMIN International Inc.,Rockwell CollinsSauer-Danfoss

Relevant Courses: ME 411, ME 413, ME 414, ME 511, ME 574, ME 575; EE 475; Cpr E 308

What is control theory?

People interested in dynamic stability, robotics, avionics, or correcting mechanical error should consider courses involving control theory.

Professors KelkarLuecke, and Zou are experts in the area of control theory.

Professor Bernard is an expert in dynamic stability and teaches ME 549.

What is a dynamical system?

Dr. Bernard discusses  this dynamical system in ME 549.

Companies: Alliant EnergyBlack & VeatchBurns & McDonnell,HalliburtonMidAmerican EnergyOmaha Public Power District,Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Relevant Courses: ME 433, ME 443, ME 444, ME 446, ME 475, ME 484, ME 530, ME 540; Any Biorenewable Resources Technology (BRT) courses

What is Biomass?

Who on the ME faculty is an expert in biomass research?

Professor Ron Nelson is the faculty advisor for PrISUm.

What Professor on the ME faculty is an expert at modeling thermal phenomena using Virtual Reality?

In ME 433 – Alternative Energy Conversion, you will learn about alternatives such as geothermal resourceswind energy, and other alternative energies.

Professor Ted Heindel is an expert in the area of multiphase flow.

“How Hydropower Plants Work”

“How Solar Cells Work”

Companies: AmanaCarrierLennoxMaytagTrane

Relevant Courses: ME 441, ME 442

American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

What is the name of the ME faculty member that teaches both HVAC elective courses?

“How Air-Conditioners Work”

Companies: 3MAlcoaAndersen CorporationAnheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., General MillsNovellus CorporationPella CorporationRhodia, Inc.

Relevant Courses: ME 418, ME 466, ME 520, ME 521, ME 528; EM 362, EM 362L; IE 348, IE 361, IE 419, IE 439, IE 448, IE 545X

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Who is the ME faculty member with an expertise in tribology?

Professor Chandra is interested in nano-scale fabrication.

Companies: Goodrich CorpMicron TechnologyGenesis Systems Group

Relevant Courses: ME 410, ME 411, ME 418, ME 511; TSM 465

“How Robots Work”

“How FIRST Works”

Do you know what a neural net is?

What is mechatronics?

Professor Luecke teaches ME 410

Companies: BinOpticsBioscaleCapella PhotonicsBoston ScientificSRI InternationalZyvex Corporation

Relevant Courses: ME 528

What is nanotechnology?

What are MEMs?

Want to see some MEMs in action?

Professors OlsenShrotriya, and Sundararajan are experts in MEMs and nanotechnology.

Nano Science and Technology Institute

“How Nanotechnology Will Work”

Companies: CaterpillarTimkenTrane

Relevant Courses: IE 305; MIS 330; OSCM 320

What do you need to know to be a sales engineer?

“Successful candidates will possess a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or industrial engineering or technical degree and two years of engineering experience. Sales and/or Marketing experience preferred. An expert in market knowledge and competitors is desirable. Must be computer literate. Excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills required.”

Solar Car Organization

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

What is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?

NASA needs experts that understand CFD.

Professor Subranamian has expertise in the area of CFD.

Take a look at these CFD simulations.

“How Airplanes Work”

“How Diesel Locomotives Work”

“How Car Engines Work”

“How Auto Stuff Works”

ME 425, ME 443, ME 466, ME 484; EM 425; IE 305; any courses for a minor in Non-Destructive Evaluation

Professor Elliot Winer is an expert in the area of optimization; he teaches ME 425.

“How Engineering Stuff Works”