ME 600

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series (ME 600)

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A hallmark of leading institutions in science and engineering research is technical seminar participation. The department hosts a series of seminars throughout the academic year which includes invited speakers who are leaders in fields related to mechanical engineering. Attending seminars benefits scientific and engineering students by expanding their horizons, learning about research at other venues and at the forefronts of a field and also provides opportunities to learn about effective (and non-effective) presentation techniques.

All on-campus students pursuing a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering are required to register for ME 600 every semester. This is a graduation requirement. Off-campus students and students pursuing Master of Engineering are exempt from the seminar requirement.

Course Description

Registered students must attend at least 4 technical on-campus seminars that are part of the Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Series (or co-sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Department). The graduate programs office will track this requirement. The course will be graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory (fail). A fail may have adverse impact on your graduation.

Requirements by Degree Type

MS students: Need to register every semester up to graduation. Students who are only registered for GRST 600 are exempt from ME 600 for that semester.

PhD students: Need to register every semester till successful completion of preliminary examination.

Students in interdisciplinary programs (e.g., HCI and BRT):

  • Students who are also obtaining a degree from ME (i.e. co-majoring in ME) will be required to complete the ME 600 seminar requirement in addition to the seminar requirements of their program with the following modification: These students need to attend at least 3 seminars that are part of the Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Series (or co-sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Department).
  •  Students who only have ME as their home department (and are not obtaining an ME degree) will be exempt from the ME 600 seminar requirement.

Peer Presentation

PhD and M.S. students are encouraged to present but are not required to do so. Peer presentations are organized by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (MEGSO). Assignment of slots and dates will occur at the beginning of each semester with preference to students with upcoming presentations at conferences

Conflict with Seminar Time

Students who have a conflict with the seminar time or meeting the requirement for a particular semester must still register for the course AND inform of the DOGE at the beginning of the semester. Conflicts will be addressed on a case by case basis.