Barbara K Lograsso

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Mechanical Engineering

Main Office

2064 Black Engr
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515-294-0349


  • PhD, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1991
  • MS, Metallurgical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1982
  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1980

Interest Areas

  • Analysis of Fracture orientation of metals
  • Forming of materials
  • Powder processing including powder injection modling
  • Development of adaptive structures that will regulate their mechanical properties under service conditions
  • Magnetic materials

Selected Publications

  • Lograsso, B.K., “Physical Matching of Metals: Grain Orientation Association at Fracture Edge,” Journal of Forensic Sciences, 2015, Vol. 60, pp. S66-S75.
  • Bingham, M., Lograsso, B.K., Laabs, F. “Statistical analysis of the variation in measured crystal orientations obtained through electron backscattered diffraction,” Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 110, pp. 1312-1319, 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.ultramic.2010.06.001.
  • Biner, S.B., Goel, H., Lograsso, B.K., Moore, J.A., Schilling, C.H. “Plastic shaping of aqueous alumina suspensions with saccharides and dicarboxylic acids,” Ceramic Transactions, Vol. 62, pp. 241-254, 1996, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA, CODEN: CETREW ISSN: 1042-1122, CAN 124:296641, AN 1996:208447.
  • Anderson, I.E., Lograsso, B.K., McCallum, R.W., Reaves, R. “Powder processing of rare earth-iron-boron permanent magnets,” Reviews in Particulate Materials, Vol. 3, pp. 223, 1996, Metal Powder Industries Federation, Princeton, NJ.
  • Anderson, I.E., Hsu, C.M., Lin, H.M., Lograsso, B.K., McCallum, R.W. “Characterization of Nd sub 2 Fe sub 14 B fine powders produced by ultra-high-pressure gas atomization,” Materials Chemistry and Physics (Switzerland), Vol. 42, pp. 148-151, November 1995
  • Anderson, I.E., Jarding, B.P., Lograsso, B.K., Moore, J.A. “Atmosphere control during debinding powder injection molding parts,” Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Vol. 4(3), pp. 275, 1995
  • Lograsso, B.K., Lograsso, T.A. “Densification of irregular powders during hot isostatic pressing,” Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 9(4), pp. 681, 1994, editor, Srivatson, T.S.
  • German, R.M., Lograsso, B.K. “Thermal debinding of injection molded powder compacts,” Powder Metallurgy International, Vol. 22(1), 1990
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