James Edward Bernard

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • PhD, Engineering Mechanics, University of Michigan, 1971
  • MS, Engineering Mechanics, University of Michigan, 1968
  • BS, Engineering Mechanics, University of Michigan, 1966

Interest Areas

Real time applications of computer modeling and simulation, particularly vehicle dynamics applications, and in the interactions between technology and globalization.

Selected Publications

Bernard, J.E., and Rectanus, M. W., Globalizing the Engineering Curriculum, 2006 ABET Annual Meeting: The 3rd ABET International Congress on Education, Accreditation, and Practice, October 26-27, 2006 Balling, O., and Bernard, J.E., Development of Rollover Maneuvers Using Optimization Techniques,  SAE 2004-01-2095 Clover, C.L., and Bernard, J., Longitudinal Tire Dynamics, Vehicle System Dynamics , Volume 29, no. 4, April 1998. Bernard, Gruening, and Hoffmeister, Evaluation of Vehicle/Driver Performance Using Genetic Algorithms, SAE 980226 Bernard, J.E., Shannan, J., and Vanderploeg, M., Vehicle rollover on smooth surfaces, SAE Paper No. 891991.