Current Students


Thesis Topics

Timothy Morgan (PhD), 2017, Characterization of multiphase flows integrating X-ray imaging and virtual reality

Ping Du (PhD), 2016, Investigating effects of product visual designs on consumer judgments with the aid of eye-tracking

Leif Berg (PhD), 2015, Immersive technology as a decision making tool for product design

Patrick Carlson (PhD), 2015, Engaging developers in open source software projects: Harnessing social and technical data mining to improve software development

Ryan McCleish (MS), 2015, Constant velocity weight measurement system with multiple actuators

Meisha Berg (MS), 2015, Exploring the role of large-scale immersive computing environments in collaboration between engineering and design students

Ryan Pavlik (PhD), 2015, Enabling natural interaction for virtual reality

Isaac J. Garlington (MS), 2012, Expanding the usable workspace of a haptic device by placing it on a moving base

Denis V. Dorozhkin (PhD), 2011, Constraint-based synthesis of shape-morphing compliant structures in virtual reality

Daniela Faas (PhD), 2010, A hybrid method of haptic feedback to support virtual manual product assembly

Utkarsh Seth (MS), 2009, A virtual reality interface for the design of compliant mechanisms

Andy McKean (MS), 2008, Creative component

Dao Vo (MS), 2007, Assessment of haptics-based interaction for assembly tasks in virtual reality

Abhishek Seth (PhD), 2007, Combining physical constraints with geometric-constraint based modeling for virtual assembly

Andrew Fischer (PhD), 2006, Interactive design methods in virtual reality with haptics

Melinda Cerney (PhD), 2005, Quantifying motion from non-rigid structures: extended geometric motion analysis methods and applications

Brad Howard (MS), 2005, Desktop virtual assembly using physically-based part modeling

ChangEun Kim (PhD), 2004, Networked haptic interaction in virtual reality for collaborative design

Melinda Cerney (MS), 2003,The role of univariate and multivariate data in the design of advanced operator workstations

Kurt Chipperfield (PhD), 2002, Interactive stress re-analysis in virtual reality

Denis Dorozhkin (MS), 2002, VRSpatial: A program for designing spatial 4C mechanisms in virtual reality

Tom Duncan (MS), 2002, Interactive interrogation of computational mixing data in a virtual environment

Andrew Fischer (MS), 2002, Implementing Haptic Feedback in a Projection Screen Virtual Environment

Megan O’Leary (MS), 2002, Effectiveness of haptic feedback coupled with the use of a head-mounted display for the evaluation of virtual mechanisms

Laura Threadgold (MS), 2001, Visualizing displacements and stresses that were calculated using interval methods and finite elements for a system with uncertainty in forces and geometry

Tom Johnson (MS), 2000, A general virtual environment for part assembly method evaluation

Vishant Shahnawaz (MS), 2000,Visualization and approximation analysis of post processed computational fluid dynamics data in a virtual environment

Kurt Chipperfield (MS), 2000, Creative component

Sergei Volkov (MS), 2000, Effectiveness of Haptic Sensation for Evaluation of Virtual Prototypes

John Kihonge (MS), 2000, Spatial Mechanism Design in Virtual Reality with Networking

Brian Perles (MS), 1999, Development of virtual tools for direct manipulation of NURBS surfaces in virtual environments

Todd Furlong (MS), 1998, Spherical mechanism design in virtual reality

Jason Kelsick (MS), 1998, The VR Factory: Discrete event simulation implemented in a virtual environment

Sasikumar Kutti (MS), Applying virtual reality to computational fluid dynamics post-processing, 1998,

Mike Ryken (MS), 1998, Applying virtual reality techniques to the stress analysis of a tractor lift arm

Paul Evans (MS), 1997, Effectiveness of virtual reality as a tool to facilitate engineering design of spherical mechanisms

Tsung-Pin Yeh (PhD), 1997, Applying virtual reality techniques to engineering design optimization

Juliet Kraal (MS), 1996, An application of virtual reality to engineering design: synthesis of spherical mechanisms

Ken Longacre (MS), 1996, A computer tool to facilitate cross-attribute optimization

Lee Ho (MS), 1996, Development of a virtual manufacturing cell for training workers

Shyng-Jye Tsay (MS), 1996, Coupling performance characteristics with real time simulation of an axial piston pump

Wen Ye (MS), 1996, Visualization of structural impact problemsin a virtual environment

Todd Mysak (MS), 1995, Asymmetric scan plan and contour motiongeneration

Mohammed Asif Khan (MS), 1994, A mesh reduction approach to parametric surface polygonization

Scott Osborn (MS), 1994, Applying virtual reality to aid in the synthesis of spherical four-bar mechanisms

Vijoy Gaddipati (MS), 1994, Combining visualization and sensitivity methods for interactive design