Name Year Degree Level Thesis
Vikas Chawla 2016 MS A Bayesian Network approach to County-Level Corn Yield Prediction Using Historical Data and Expert Knowledge
Ryan Gebhardt 2016 PhD Experimental and theoretical investigations of charge generation and transport in thin film photovoltaics
Nigel Lee 2016 MS High-throughput phenotyping of above and below ground elements of plants using feature detection, extraction and image analysis techniques
Hiep Tran 2016 MS Computing view factors for circular air ducts in attics: calculating fast and accurate approximations
Hsiang Naik 2016 MS Image analysis and machine learning based methods for disease detection in soybeans
Kahnietta O’Prout 2016 MS
Anthony Fontanini 2016 PhD Analyzing the characteristics of contaminant transport using the Perron-Frobenius operator in indoor building environments
Minhua Long 2016 PhD Consideration behavior and design decision making
Yu Xie 2015 PhD A computational framework for solving coupled equation systems using finite element method and introduction to a versatile fault-tolerant toolkit for high throughput batch processing
Lucas Mutti 2014 MS
Hari Krishna Kodali 2013 PhD
Qiang Guo 2013 PhD Incorporating stochastic analysis in wind turbine design: data-driven random temporal-spatial parameterization and uncertainty quantification
Sai Kiranmayee Samudrala 2013 PhD
Robert Jaeger 2012 MS The effect of stochastic nano-scale surface roughness on microfluidic flow in computational microchannels
David Busch 2011 MS
Sameer Jape 2011 MS
Baskar Ganapathysubramanian 2008 PhD Computational strategies for data-driven modeling of stochastic systems