Principal Investigator



Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

Anderlik Professor of Engineering,
Associate Chair for Research, Mechanical Engineering
Plant Science Institute, Faculty Fellow,
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Iowa State University


RESEARCH STAFF & Post Doctoral Associates

david David Ackerman
Research interests: Polymer morphology, self consistent field theory (SCFT), finite elements modelling, high-performance computing (HPC)

I received my PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from Iowa State University in August 2013, working with Jim Evans and Mark Gordon studying surface dynamics of silicon and reaction-diffusion dynamics in confined catalytic systems. Outside of research I am a pilot and flight instructor.

zaki Zaki Jubery
Research interests: Computational modeling of plant physiology, heat and mass transport in maize, optimization, in situ measurements of plant physiology.

I received my PhD from Washington State University in 2012.

 Doctoral Students

balaji Balaji S Sarath Pokuri
Research interests: Phase Field Modelling, High performance computing(HPC), Finite Element Method(FEM), Machine learning – Deep Learning

I joined Dr. Baskar Ganapathysubramanian’s group in 2014, after receiving my B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras. My current work is phase field modeling of morphology evolution in polymer thin films, with applications directed at optimizing processing conditions of organic electronics.

makrand Makrand Khanwale
Research interests: Inertial low Reynolds number fluid physics, Multi-phase flows, turbulence, multi-scale analysis of stochastic processes

I received my undergraduate degree in Chemical Technology in 2015 from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. After a brief stint as a research associate in Louisiana State University, I joined Dr. Baskar’s group in August 2016. I am pursuing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and I am currently working on computational inertial microfluidics

Therin Young
Research interests: Space agriculture, plant phenomics, durability of superhydrophobic surfaces

I received my B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology from Savannah State University. I joined Dr. Baskar Ganapathysubramanian’s group in 2017 to pursue a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in plant phenomics. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, playing bass guitar, and music production.

koushik Koushik Nagasubramanian
Research interests: Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Image Processing applications in Agriculture.

I am currently a Masters student and joined Dr. Baskar Ganapathysubramanian’s group in August 2016. I received my undergraduate degree (B.Tech.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from RNSIT, Bangalore, India in 2015. After that, I worked at Nubesol Technologies, Bangalore for almost seven months on Satellite Image Processing.


Post Doc

Name Currently at
1 Olga Wodo Associate Professor, SUNY – Buffalo
2 Mirka Deza Assistant Teaching Professor, Iowa State
3 Robert Dyja Faculty, Politechnika Częstochowska, Poland
4 Pengfei Du Unknown
5 Ananth Tennati Researcher, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London


Name (co-advisor name) Graduating Year Current (or last known) position
22 Sivaranjani Devarakonda (Pranav Shotriya) 2021 Corning
21 Makrand Khanwale (James Rossmanith) 2021 Ali Mani Group, Stanford
20 Sungu Kim (Robbyn Anand) 2021 Sindy Tang Group, Stanford
19 Niraj Kunwar (Kristen Cetin) 2020 ORNL
18 Travis Ramsey 2020 ADNOC group
17 Vahid Mirnezami 2020 Bayer Corp
16 Ramin Noruzi 2019 John Deere Company
15 Aditya Kommasojula 2019 Mathworks Inc
14 Himanshu Sharma 2019 PNNL
13 Balaji Pokuri 2018 Iowa State University
12 Joshua Mineroff (Adarsh Krishnamurthy) 2018 Domino Data Lab
11 Songzhe Xu 2018 Shangai University
10 Adedotun Akintayo (Soumik Sarkar) 2017 Intel Corp
9 Spencer Pfeifer 2017 Rand Corp
8 Daniel Stoecklein 2017 Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
7 Ryan Gebhart (Sumit Choudhary) 2016 Micron
6 Anthony Fontanini 2016 NREL
5 Minhua Long (Ross Morrow) 2016 EPRI
4 Qiang Guo 2014 NGC Transmission
3 Yu Xie 2014 Microsoft, Inc.
2 Harikrishna Kodali 2013 CD Adapco
1 Sai Kiranmayee Samudrala 2013 Delta Airlines


Name Graduating Year Currently at
12 Sangeet Balakrishnan 2020 U Maryland
11 Badrinath Balasubramanian 2019 SACMI
10 Alec Lofquist 2018 Affirm Inc
9 Vikas Chawla 2016 LinkedIn
8 Nigel Lee 2016 Baylor College of Medicine
7 Hiep Tran 2016 Meza Engineering
6 Hsiang (Marcus) Naik 2016 TNG Digital Sdn Bhd
5 Kahniatta Pr’Out 2016 Northrop Grumman
4 Lucas Mutti 2014 Facilities Engineer, Des Moines City
3 Sameer Jape (Jon Wickert) 2011 Staff, Argonne National Laboratory
2 Robert Jaeger 2011 Instructor, Turing School of Software & Design
1 David Busch 2011 Instructor, Iowa Central Community College

Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Name Year From
Doug Grosser 2011 University of California at San Diego
Keith Nehring 2011 Iowa State University
Ismael Dondasse 2011 Georgia Institute of Technology
Kahni O’Prout 2010 Iowa State University
Blair Knutson 2010 Iowa State University

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