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Kawkab Ahasan completes preliminary defense

Kawkab Ahasan successfully completed his preliminary defense as part of his pursuit to become a Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering. Kawkab’s research focused on aerosol particle transport in multiphase flows with a focus on microfluidic devices for continuous biothreat monitoring. Keep up the good work, Kawkab.

ISU researchers Dr. Todd Kingston and Dr. Cary Pint were selected to receive a nearly $368,000 award from the Office of Naval Research through the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) for their project entitled Quantifying Li‐ion Battery Safety and Thermal Characteristics Using Accelerating Rate Calorimetry.

Nick successfully completes oral defense, graduates from ISU with MSME

Nick Schnoebelen successfully defended his research and is the first graduate student to graduate from the Kingston Research Group, having earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His thesis is titled Low-cost Fabrication Methods for Creating an Inertial-based, Multiphase Microfluidic Bioaerosol Sampler. Congratulations, Nick!

Kingston wins 3M Company Non-tenured Faculty Award

Dr. Todd Kingston was selected by the 3M Company as one of the 2023 Non-tenured Faculty Award winners. Kingston traveled to the 3M Center in Maplewood, Minnesota to visit the 3M Center, present about his planned research, and meet former and newly awarded recipients.

Sadiqul Islam joins the Kingston Research Group

We are happy to welcome the newest member of the Kingston Research Group, Sadiqul Islam. Sadiqul is a PhD student in our department and is co-advised by Dr. Kingston and Dr. Shrotriya.

Kawkab presents DHS-funded biothreat collection research at SPIE conference

PhD student Kawkab Ahasan presented his research focused on the collection of aerosolized biothreats using multiphase microfluidics at the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference in Orlando, FL.

Mechanical engineering assistant professor, Todd Kingston, and associate professor, Cary Pint, have received the Research Award from NASA EPSCoR with total support nearing $1,000,000 to investigate the fundamental processes in lithium-ion batteries during extreme thermal conditions, such as freeze-thaw cycles often encountered by spacecraft during lunar and Martian exploration.

PhD student Sam De Penning attended and presented at the 2023 Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) Annual Conference. Sam is co-advised by Dr. Kingston and Dr. Shrotriya and his research is supported by the Department of Homeland Security.

Undergraduate student and researcher Anthony David recently presented his research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Anthony is co-advised by Dr. Kingston and Dr. Shrotriya

Students participate, Sam and Mahdi win at Binger Symposium Award

Graduate students in the Kingston Research Group participated in the 2023 Virginia C. and William P. Binger Binger Graduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to Sam De Penning and Mahdi Ishtiaque for being selected as winners of the poster competition.

Anthony to present biothreat detection research at Iowa State Capitol

Anthony David, senior in mechanical engineering, will present his undergraduate research at the Research in the Capitol Undergraduate Research Symposium on March 6, 2023. His research, “Fabricating Biosensor Platforms for Real-Time Biothreat Detection,” is one of 20 research projects selected to represent Iowa State and one of six engineering projects to be selected.

Anthony to Participate in DOE SULI Program at Ames National Laboratory

Anthony David was selected to participate in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) Program. Anthony will intern at Ames National Laboratory for 10 weeks during Summer 2023. Congratulations, Anthony.

Mahdi presents research at Fall ECS Meeting in Atlanta

Mahdi Ishtiaque attended the Fall 2022 Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting in Atlanta, GA, and presented some of his recent research that is supported by the Office of Naval Research. Great work, Mahdi!

Todd Kingston, assistant professor in mechanical engineering (ME), has been named a Building a World of Difference Faculty Fellow in Engineering.

Three undergraduate researchers in the Kingston Research Group – Anthony David, Garrett Clasen, and Oscar Saldana – presented their research at the ISU Summer Research Symposium.

Dr. Todd Kingston of Iowa State’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Jun Cui of Materials Science and Engineering were selected for their proposal, “Exploiting Hydrodynamic Oscillations of Oscillating Heat Pipes for Thermomagnetic Power Generation from Low-grade Waste Heat.”

A team of Cyclone Engineers hope to advance the fundamental understanding and capabilities of lithium-based batteries for Naval applications with the help of a new grant from the Office of Naval Research.

Kawkab and Mahdi win Binger Symposium Award

Congratulations to Kawkab Ahasan and Mahdi Ishtiaque for being selected to receive a Binger Graduate Research Symposium Award for their outstanding contributions to the 2022 Virginia C. and William P. Binger Graduate Student Poster Symposium. The symposium is sponsored by the Virginia and William Binger Endowment.

ONR Grant​

The Office of Naval Research has awarded Dr. Todd Kingston and Dr. Cary Pint a grant to investigate the mechanisms of thermally induced electrochemical modifications in lithium batteries.  

We are happy to welcome the newest member of the Kingston Research Group, Sam De Penning.  Sam recently graduated from Dordt University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and is now a PhD student in our department.  

ONR Award​

The Office of Naval Research recently awarded Prof. Kingston a grant to investigate the augmentation of Li-ion electrochemistry through the modulation of thermal gradients.  

Iowa State researchers collaborate with Homeland Security to create biothreat detector.  

Researchers at Iowa State University hope to change that through a collaborative agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security worth as much as $2.5 million over five years.  

Returning to Ames and conducting research at Iowa State University will be something of a homecoming for incoming mechanical engineering faculty member.