Neware BTS4000 Battery Test System

Neware BTSThe SRSL has recently purchased new battery test equipment, BTS4000, provided by Neware as part of a collaborative research project. The BTS4000 battery test system is based on Neware’s 4th generation testing system, and is extensively used in both academia and industry. Test procedures can be programmed into a simple computer user interface, allowing for a variety of constant or variable current charge and discharge routines. In addition to standard charge/discharge testing, the BTS4000 can also perform electric vehicle (EV) pulse tests, hybrid pulse power characterization (HPPC) tests, and DC Internal Resistance tests.

The BTS4000 battery test system, when coupled with the HPC, creates the perfect combination for battery research. The BTS4000 greatly complements the HPC in life cycle testing and other long-term testing applications where high precision measurements are not needed. For example, the prediction of lifetime of Li-ion cells by the HPC can be validated by performing full life-cycle testing on the cells with the BTS4000 System.  With this new test equipment and a partnership with Neware, the SRSL will continue to develop advanced diagnostics and prognostics to determine degradation mechanisms and predict lifetime of Li-ion battery.