Novonix High Precision Charger


The Novonix High Precision Charger (HPC) is the state-of-the-art system for non-destructively diagnosing the degradation mechanism of Li-ion cells and predicting the lifetime of the cells. The system can measure the coulombic efficiency (ratio of discharge to charge capacity) of a Li-ion battery more accurately than any commercially available chargers. The HPC was originally built by Prof. Jeff Dahn’s group at the Dalhousie University in Canada, and has a wide variety of applications in battery design, reliability testing, and life-cycle analysis.

Newware BTS4000 Battery Test System

Neware BTS

The SRSL has recently purchased new battery test equipment, BTS4000, provided by Neware as part of a collaborative research project. The BTS4000 battery test system is based on Neware’s 4th generation testing system, and is extensively used in both academia and industry. Test procedures can be programmed into a simple computer user interface, allowing for a variety of constant or variable current charge and discharge routines. In addition to standard charge/discharge testing, the BTS4000 can also perform electric vehicle (EV) pulse tests, hybrid pulse power characterization (HPPC) tests, and DC Internal Resistance tests.