ME/MSE 521 – Mechanical Behavior and Manufacturing of Polymers and Composites
(and 521 XE, online section)
Effect of chemical structure and morphology on properties. Linear viscoelasticity, damping, and stress relaxation phenomena. Structure and mechanics of filler and fiber-reinforced composites. Mechanical properties and failure mechanisms. Material selection and designing with polymers. Processing of polymer and composite parts.

ME 370 – Engineering Measurements
Fundamentals of design, selection, and operation of components of measuring systems. Measurement processes, data acquisition systems, analysis of data, and propagation of measurement uncertainty.

ME 324 – Manufacturing Engineering
Fundamentals of manufacturing processes, including forming, machining, casting, and welding, with emphasis on design considerations in manufacturing. Mechanical behavior of metallic materials. Modern manufacturing practices.

ME 231 – Engineering Thermodynamics I
Fundamental concepts based on zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics. Properties and processes for ideal gases and solid-liquid-vapor phases of pure substances. Applications to vapor power cycles. Credit for either M E 231 or 330, but not both, may be applied toward graduation.

ME 160 – Mechanical Engineering Problem Solving with Computer Applications
Introduction to the field of Mechanical Engineering through problem-solving in a range of topics, including statics, mechanics of materials, and thermo-fluids. Techniques to professionally present and communicate solutions. Use of MATLAB computer programming to aid problem-solving, including curve fitting and graphing.

HON 290 – Honors Research
Independent study on topics of an interdisciplinary nature. Intended primarily for freshmen and sophomores. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only.

ME 490 – Independent Study: Emerging Areas
Investigation of topics holding special interest of students and faculty. Election of course and topic must be approved in advance by supervising faculty.

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