Learning Teams

Small groups of students working together in their courses to enhance each other’s education.  Mechanical Engineering (ME) has eight non-residential course-based learning teams where each team consists of a maximum of 25 students.  Students participating in the ME learning teams or MELTs are enrolled in the same set of courses and a one-credit Learning Team Seminar, ME 190.  In the seminar, students get to participate in group review sessions where they review concepts from the other learning team courses along with learning more about Iowa State University and the Mechanical Engineering field with guidance of an ME peer mentor.

Students participating in Mechanical Engineering Learning Teams will:

  • Develop and/or enhance problem-solving and meta-cognitive skills
  • Develop and/or enhance verbal and writing skills
  • Learn more about the field of Mechanical Engineering
  • Be able to identify University Resources
  • Have academic success through the use of peer mentor and group interaction
  • Be able to interact with ME faculty

Iowa State was among 19 other universities recognized for its strong learning communities in U.S. News and World Report 2015 rankings!

To learn more about Iowa State University’s Learning Community program, check out the information at the Iowa State University Learning Communities website!  Look at the “Prospective Students” link; especially if you are looking at coming to ISU for the coming fall semester!

  • Enhanced academic success
  • Better insight into the ME Profession
  • Guidance from experience ME junior/senior peer mentors
  • Never have scheduling problems
  • Have more fun in their engineering courses

  • Led by experienced junior and senior level mechanical engineering students
  • Tours of local companies and facilities to see applications of engineering
  • Tours of ISU’s C6 at the Virtual Reality Applications Center
  • Visits from guest speakers such as ME faculty and other representatives various ISU offices
  • Hands-on problem-solving component

  • Jessie Vosseller – 2043 Black Engineering – 515-294-2101 – jessiev@iastate.edu
  • Alyssa Mittleider – 2043 Black Engineering – 515-294-1744 – amittlei@iastate.edu