Complex Fluid Systems

The complex fluid systems program investigates non-Newtonian, multiphase, turbulent, and/or chemically reacting flows over multiple length and time scales. We develop unique experimental and computational techniques that advance our understanding of fluid flow phenomena and enable engineering applications, including fuel and chemical production; biomass transport; particle dispersion; and heat exchangers in evaporators, boilers, and condensers. The efforts of this program pioneer new theories and models of complex fluid processes and validate these processes through novel experimental techniques and exploration tools.

Associated Faculty

Daniel Attinger

Attinger’s Lab
Micro and Nanofluidics, Convective Heat Transfer, Single Droplet/Bubble Dynamics, Multiscale Transfer Phenomena for Energy and Forensics Applications
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Xianglan Bai

Thermochemical conversion of biomass (fast pyrolysis & solvolysis), Utilization of waste materials, Biofuels and biobased products
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Robert C. Brown

Director, Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies
Gasification, Fast Pyrolysis, Bio-oil to fuels, Catalysis, Biocatalysis, Torrefaction of biomass, Biochar production for agronomic applications and carbon sequestration nutrient recycling between production agriculture and biofuels manufacturing
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Mark Bryden

Virtual Reality Applications Center
Development of the computational tools, algorithms, understandings, and strategies needed to analyze, understand, create, design, and build complex engineered, natural, or human system.
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Jonathan Claussen

Biosensors (Electrochemical & Optical), Bio-Integrated Electronics, BioMEMS and BioNEMS, Micro/Nanoscale Propulsion, Carbon Nanomaterial Growth (Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, Nanomanufacturing / Materials Printing, Quantum Dots / Carbon Dots, Mass Transport / Fluid Dynamics
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Feve small

Sebastien Feve

Engineering Education, Certified Solidworks Professional, International & Study Abroad Opportunities
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Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

Computational Physics and Mechanics Laboratory
Computational physics, computational mechanics (fluid mechanics and heat transfer), stochastic analysis, uncertainty quantification and propagation, multiscale modeling, control and optimization of complex systems, materials-by-design, and parallel computing and inverse problems.
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Matt Hagge

Computational modeling, wood, combustion, pyrolysis, thermodynamics, and visualization of bloodstain pattern analysis
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Nicole N Hashemi

Hashemi Lab
Microfluidics, Biosensors, Optofluidics, Bio-N/MEMS: Design, Modeling, and Fabrication, Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Physics of Micro/Nanoscale Phenomena, Nonlinear Dynamics
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Ted Heindel

Experimental Multiphase Flow Laboratory
The Experimental Multiphase Flow Laboratory investigates hydrodynamics and mixing in gas-liquid, gas-solid, and gas-liquid-solid systems using X-ray flow visualization techniques, as well as gas-liquid mass transfer.
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Hsu small

Ming-Chen Hsu

Fluid–Structure Interaction, Computational Mechanics, Wind Energy Applications, Biomedical Engineering, Isogeometric Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Song-Charng Kong

Engine Laboratory
Clean Energy Technology, Biofuel Research
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Mark Mba Wright

Energy Systems Analysis, Biomass Conversion Technologies
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Mike Olsen

Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Microelectromechanical Systems
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Alberto Passalacqua

Multiphase fluid dynamics, Fluid particle flows, Quadrature-based moment methods, Uncertainty quantification, Computational fluid dynamics, Numerical methods for computational fluid dynamics, Development of open-source tools for computational fluid dynamics

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Sippel small

Travis Sippel

Multiphase combustion of propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics, combustion synthesis, metal combustion, novel uses of energetic materials, combustion diagnostics, nanoscale material synthesis/characterization, and colloid/surface forces
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Shankar Subramaniam

Spray modeling, Modeling and simulation of gas-particle flows, granular flows, Combustion, Turbulent reactive flows, Mixing, Stochastic models, particle methods, Computational fluid dynamics
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Wang small

Xinwei Wang

Director, Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Science Laboratory

Physical phenomena in laser-material interaction, near-field physics: modeling and nanoscale probing, thermal transport in low-dimensional materials, energy transport in bio-materials (protein and DNA), dynamic structure sensing

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