BRT 501         Fundamentals of Biorenewable Resources (2003S, 2003F*, 2004S*, 2004F*, 2005S*, 2005F*, 2006S*, 2014S*, 2015S*)

BRT 535         Thermochemical Processing of Biomass (2008S, 2009S, 2011S)

BRT 535L       Thermochemical Processing of Biomass Laboratory (2003I, 2004I, 2005I)

BRT 506         Seminar in Biorenewable Resources (2003F, 2003S)

ME 202X        Honors Seminar (1990S, 1990F, 1991S)

ME 231           Thermodynamics I (2000S, 2001S, 2001F, 2002S, 2002F)

ME 331           Thermodynamics I (2 x 1983F, 2 x 1984S, 1984F, 1985S, 1986S, 1986F, 1987S, 1988S, 1988F, 1989F, 1990S, 1991F, 1994F, 1996S, 1999F)

ME 332           Thermodynamics II (1984F, 1985S, 1985F, 1986F, 1988F, 2000F, 2001S, 2003F, 2004F)

ME 335           Fluid Dynamics (1985F, 2 x 1991S)

ME 436           Heat Transfer (1989F, 1990S, 1990F)

ME 460           Experimental Engineering (1987S, 1987F, 1995S)

ME 490           Independent Study (1985S, 5 x 1985F, 3 x 1986S, 1986F, 2 x 1987S, 2 x 1987F, 1988F, 2 x 1990F, 1991S, 3 x 1991F, 2 x 1992S, 1992F, 1997F, 2003S, 2003I, 2 x 2003 F)

ME 531           Statistical Thermodynamics (1989S, 1993S)

ME 539           Fluidized Bed Processes (1990F, 1992F, 1993F, 1995F, 1997F, 2000I, 2003F, 2005F*)

ME 542           Advanced Combustion (1986S, 1988S, 1989S, 1992S)

ME 590           Independent Study (1990F, 4 x 1993S, 4 x 1993F, 3 x 1994I, 2004I)

ME 600           Graduate Seminar (1991F, 1992F, 1993F, 1994S, 1994F, 1995F, 1996F, 1997F)

ME 632           Particulates (1987F)

Ch E 406X      Environmental Processing Operations-team taught (1995F, 1996F)


*Also offered as an Engineering Distance Education course