Program of Study and Committee

Program of Study and Committee (POSC)

Your Program of Study and Committee form should be completed within your first year of the degree. In AccessPlus, you will complete the POSC under the Grad Stdnt Status tab. It is important to complete the POSC early so that the department and Graduate College can confirm that you are on the right track with your courses. It is also when you officially declare your major professor and committee.

  • Entering courses – When completing the form, enter the course department. If M E, make sure you include the space. Then enter the course number, term, and year. When you click validate at the bottom of the page, it will auto-populate the course title and grade. The POSC connects to your internal transcript so the information must match or it will give you an error.
  • ME600 – It is a requirement for graduation and must be included on your POSC.
  • Frequently save – The system sometimes times out, so you should save frequently (at least every ten minutes).
  • Saving for later – The POSC stays saved indefinitely. Students can ALWAYS make changes after their first POSC is submitted. In fact, most students do submit their POSC forms more than once precisely because of course changes, etc. like you mentioned.
  • Edits after submission – We always encourage early submission of the POSC because changes can be made later. Modifications can be made up until the student takes their final oral exam.
  • Master of Engineering (MEng) students – unless you have found another professor to serve as your major professor, your major professor is the Director of Graduate Education (DOGE). The DOGE is the only committee member you will need on your POSC.

Transfer Courses from another Institution

  1. Review Graduate College requirements regarding transfer courses
  2. Discuss with major professor to determine which courses can be included on your POSC
  3. Submit a POSC that includes the courses you would like to transfer and the corresponding transcript
  4. Courses are added to academic record once POSC is approved


For more information and help with your POSC, see the Graduate College FAQs.

Contact Information

Samantha Hirschman
Program Assistant for Graduate Education
2019 Black Engr
Ames, IA 50011


Pranav Shrotriya
Director of Graduate Education
2022 Black Engr
Ames, IA 50011