MS Degree

MS Degree Requirements

The Master of Science (thesis) degree emphasizes graduate research and culminates in the creation of a thesis and associated oral exam. A minimum of 30 graduate credits must be earned for the MS degree with the following requirements.

See the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Handbook for approved courses and additional degree requirement details. To help you decide what courses to take, many courses have been grouped by disciplinary area emphasis.

Course descriptions can be found on the Iowa State Course Catalog. Availability of courses will be on the Schedule of Classes. Students should review the ME Grad Student Handbook and Graduate College Handbook for guidelines on courses, such as independent study, transferring courses and minimum needed at Iowa State, undergraduate courses, and credits earned during non-degree-seeking status.

GR ST 565: Responsible Conduct of Research in Science and Engineering 1
Mechanical Engineering Core
Any 500 or above level ME course as well as specific non-ME courses approved by the graduate committee.
Any 300-level or higher Math or Statistics class labeled “non-major graduate credit” (EXCEPT Math 307 and Math 317) will count towards this requirement. Non-Math/Stat courses with strong math or statistics content that are approved by the graduate education committee may also count towards this requirement.
Choose any courses that you feel would round out your education; these can be from Mechanical Engineering or outside the major.
ME 600
Required each semester
Total 19 credits
Research credits
ME 699
Total 30 credits

There are five major milestones for your M.S. degree completion. Click the links below for information and resources for these milestones. You can track your degree progress in your Graduate Student Status tab in Accessplus.  For specific dates and deadlines, please see the Graduate College Calendar.

Program of Study and Committee (POSC)

Final Oral Exam

Graduation Application

Grad Admissions Deadlines

Spring Admissions: September 1
Fall Admissions: January 15

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