MS Degree

MS Degree Requirements

The MS (thesis) degree emphasizes graduate research and culminates in the creation of a thesis and associated oral defense. A minimum of 30 graduate credits must be earned for the MS degree with the following requirements:

GR ST 565: Responsible Conduct of Research in Science and Engineering 1
Mechanical Engineering Core
Any 500 or above level ME course as well as specific non-ME courses approved by the graduate committee. These courses are grouped according to disciplinary area emphasis to help student decide which courses to take based on interest.
Mathematics/Statisticssuperscript a
Any 300-level or higher Math or Statistics class labeled “non-major graduate credit” (EXCEPT Math 307 and Math 317) will count towards this requirement. Non-Math/Stat courses with strong math or statistics content that are approved by the graduate education committee may also count towards this requirement. See approved courses.
Electivessuperscript a
Choose any courses that you feel would round out your education; these can be from Mechanical Engineering or outside the major.
Total 19 credits
Research credits
ME 699
Total 30 credits
  • superscript aAs per the graduate council guidelines, the POS may include up to 9 credits at the undergraduate level (300 and 400 level only), with a limit of 3 credits at the 300 level. If a 300-level class is used, it must be from outside of ME.
  • Up to 6 credits of Independent Study (M E 590/690) may be included in the Program of Study.  These 6 credits will by default count towards the elective requirements.
  • As part of meeting their electives, students are encouraged to take at least one course that addresses skill sets aimed at professional development (e.g. teaching/research program building, project management, globalization, engineering law, communication etc.) for academia and/or industrial positions.
  • Students must also meet ME 600 (Seminar) requirements in addition to the above
  • As per the Graduate Council guidelines, for all master’s programs at Iowa State, at least 22 graduate credits must be earned at Iowa State.

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