Disciplinary Areas

Design and Optimization
ME 517*: Advanced Machine Design
ME 523: Creativity and Imagination in Engineering Design
ME 525*: Mechanical Systems Optimization
ME 557*: Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
ME 580*: Virtual Worlds
ME 625: Surface Modeling
AERE/IE 565*: Systems Engineering and Analysis
EE 547: Pattern Recognition
IE 566: Applied Systems Engineering
IE 577*: Human Factors
MATH 525: Numerical Analysis of High Performance Computing
MATH 554: Introduction to Stochastic Processes

Dynamic Systems and Controls
ME 511*: Advanced Control Systems Design
ME 518: Advanced Dynamics of Machinery
ME 543*: Random Vibrations
ME 552: Advanced Acoustics
ME 573*: Random Signals and Kalman Filerting
ME 574*: Optimal Control
ME 575: Introduction to Robust Control
ME 576*: Digital Feedback Control Systems
ME 577*: Linear Systems
ME 578: Modern Control Systems
MATH 501: Introduction to Real Analysis

Materials Processing and Mechanics
ME 520*: Material and Manufacturing Considerations in Design
ME 521*: Mechanical Behavior and Manufacturing of Polymers and Composites
ME 527*: Mechanics of Machining and Finishing Processes
ME 528*: Nanomanufacturing and MEMS Technology
ME 560*: Surface Engineering
ME 561: Scanning Probe Microscopy
ME 563*: Nanomechanics
ME 564: Fracture and Fatigue
EM 510: Continuum Mechanics
EM 516: Mechanics of Deformable Solids
EM 525*: Finite Element Analysis
MSE 540: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE 552*: Scanning Electron and Auger Microscopy

Thermo-Fluid Sciences
ME 530*: Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 531*: Advanced Energy Systems and Analysis
ME 532*: Thermodynamics of Compressible Flow
ME 535: Thermochemical Processing of Biomass
ME 536*: Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 538*: Advanced Fluid Flow
ME 542: Advanced Combustion
ME 545*: Thermal Systems Design
ME 546/547: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heath Transfer I/II
ME 632: Multiphase Flow
ABE 504: Instrumentation for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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