Approved Courses for Math/Stat Requirement

All Statistics courses 400 and higher. Popular courses are STAT 401: Statistical Methods for Researchers and STAT 495*: Applied Statistics for Industry.

All Math courses 300 and higher labeled non-major graduate credit EXCEPT MATH 307 and 317.

AerE 501X: Advanced Engineering Analysis
AerE 572: Turbulence
AerE 647: Advanced High Speed Computational Fluid Dynamics
ChE 545: Analytical and Numerical Methods
ComS 477/477: Problem Solving for Applied Computer Science
Econ 500/600: Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis I/II
Econ 509: Applied Numerical Methods in Economics
Econ 571: Intermediate Econometrics
Econ 671/672: Econometrics I/II
EE 570: Systems Engineering Analysis and Design
EE 674: Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering
EM 425: Introduction to Finite Element Methods
EM 510: Continuum Mechanics
EM 525*: Finite Element Analysis
EM 526: Boundary Element Methods in Engineering
IE 513: Analysis of Stochastic Systems
IE 533: Reliability
IE 510*: Network Analysis
IE 534*: Linear Programming
IE 631: Nonlinear Programming
IE 632: Integer Programming
MATH 385: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
ME 546/547: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer I/II
ME 577*: Linear Systems
ME 625: Surface Modeling
Phys 480/481: Quantum Mechanics I/II
Phys 531: Statisical Mechanics
Phys 534: Symmetry and Group Theory in Physics
Phys 564: Advanced Classical Mechanics
Phys 591/592: Quantum Physics I/II

*indicates available online