Assistantship Opportunities

Research and Teaching Assistantships

  • A research assistantship is provided to students from a faculty member (major professor) from his or her research grant or contract and is contingent upon availability of funds and satisfactory progress toward degree completion (in the case of non-U.S. citizens, this appointment is contingent upon legal authorization to work in the United States). Students on research assistantships are expected to perform research and other related activities as directed by their major professor toward the fulfillment of the grant requirements.
  • A teaching assistantship is given to the student from the department to assist in teaching responsibilities. This can include grading or running the lab portion of a course. Some advanced students are given the responsibility of teaching a course.

Master’s applicants will be considered for

  • 1/2-time research or teaching assistantship with a stipend of around $2,000-2,100 per month
  • 50% tuition scholarship
  • Automatic in-state tuition rate for remaining tuition

Doctoral applicants will be considered for

  • 1/2 research or teaching assistantship with a stipend of around $2,000-2,200 per month
  • 100% tuition scholarship

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