Abstracts Archive


Acoustofluidic self-assembly of colloidal materials for additive manufacturing
Meghana Akella

Automated approaches for the construction of image based phase diagrams
Badrinath Balasubramaniam

Graphene humidity sensor with gold nanoparticles
Jiawei Bao

Machine learning assisted optimization with applications to diesel engine optimization with the particle swarm optimization algorithm
Aaron M. Bertram

A framework for geometric modeling and structural analysis of composite laminates
Onur Rauf Bingol

Additive manufacturing of flexible energy harvesting and storage device
Bolin Chen

Digital In-line Holography of blood atomization
Reetam Das

An investigation of an ionic liquid analog to the conventional metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
Richard Effler

Study of combustion performance of Al/PTFE B/PTFE and B/Al/PTFE composites
Liyun Feng

Deep learning for monitoring cyber-physical systems
Tryambak Gangopadhyay

Optimizing bioprosthetic heart valves using isogeometric analysis and surrogate modeling
Jung Hyun Ha

Design and rapid prototyping of printed graphene electrochemical biosensors for sensitive monitoring of pesticide levels for agricultural use
John Hondred

Animated rendering of cardiac model simulations
Xin Huang

Development of elastomeric coatings with reduced wear for ice-free applications
Jocelyn Lachelle Jackson

Droplet coalescence in an emulsion to support process scale-up of a topical ointment
Arya Ketabchi Haghighat

Computational design of stable particles in inertial microfluidic flows: A step towards passive manipulation
Aditya Kommajosula

Analyzing and exploiting biomass thermal deconstruction
Jake Kendall Lindstrom

Overcoming the limitations of commodity augmented reality head mounted displays for use in product assembly
Jack Miller

Head impact simulation using coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
Miao Na

Optimization of multi-injection diesel combustion through direct application of ABC and PSO variant algorithms
Ryan Michael Ogren

The impact of pot lids on household energy use
Olamide Elizabeth Opadokun

Development of particle-scale simulation methods for multiphase flow study
Yaoyu Pan

Placenta-on-a-chip: A microfluidic platform to study the drug transport across the human placental barrier
Rajeendra Lakruwan Pemathilaka

Process intensification of biomass fast pyrolysis via autothermal operation
Joseph Patrick Polin

Collaborative product review using virtual reality interface devices performance studying
Mihir Radia

Data-driven approaches for improving failure resilience of engineered systems
Mohammadkazem Sadoughi

Thermal decomposition of chemical warfare agent simulants diisopropyl methylphosphonate and tributyl phosphate
Patrick Sanderson

A framework for indoor air quality sensor placement accounting for uncertainties and performing risk assessments
Himanshu Sharma

Electronic and thermal transport properties of engineered organic-inorganic halide perovskite structures
Rahul Singh

Calibration of structured light system using unidirectional fringe patterns
Vignesh Suresh

Exfoliation of scalable few layer biocompatible graphene nanosheets using a protein-assisted mechano-chemical technique
Deepak-George Thomas

Applying computer vision for detection of diseases in plants
Xuan Truong Tran

Raman-based study of micro/nanoscale structure and thermal transport
Ridong Wang

Controlled cavitation design and investigation of its effect in traumatic-brain injuries
Alex Wrede

Advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology for non-noble metal-based oxygen evolution electrocatalysts
Bowei Zhang

Deep learning for field-based automated high-throughput plant phenotyping
Zhisheng Zhang


Energy and food security in the context of biomass, crop production and soil quality in Uganda
Nataliya Apanovich

High-quality 3D shape measurement with binarized dual phase-shifting method
Saptarshi Basu

Techno-economic analysis of biochemicals and biofuels production via thermal and electrochemical processes
Denis Bbosa

A surrogate head system for blunt impact experiments
Timothy J. Beavers

Solvent liquefaction of waste materials
Joel Braden

Modeling and control of complex building energy systems
Venkatesh Chinde

Understanding heat carrier effects in a laboratory-scale auger pyrolyzer
Tannon Jeffrey Daugaard

Highly sensitive biosensors with interdigitated electrode arrays
Shaowei Ding

An examination of ash elutriation from a fluidized bed regenerator
Dane Erickson

Development of a 3D conceptual design environment using a commodity head mounted display virtual reality system
Gabriel Evans

Cross-plane thermal transport in graphene-based structures
Meng Han

A framework for isogeometric-analysis-based design and optimization of wind turbine blades
Austin Herrema

An evaluation of the Microsoft HoloLens for a manufacturing-guided assembly task
Melynda Hoover

Effect of nanoparticle additives on the tribological behavior of oil under boundary lubrication
Yosef Jazaa

Distributed optimization for control and learning
Zhanhong Jiang

Transfer matrix modelling of double Helmholtz resonator arrays as sound insulating double panel partitions
Sanvisna Kogelen

Fabrication of flexible thermoelectric generators
Matthew Mark Kruse

Automated venetian blinds and lighting integrated into office Building Automation Systems: Full-scale testing and economic analysis
Niraj Kunwar

Experimental and theoretical investigation of organically-capped, nanoscale alkali metal hydride and aluminum particles as solid propellant additives
Adam Lawrence

Investigating the development of the bioproducts production platform from a techno-economic and environmental perspective
Wenqin Li

Investigating the use of Bayesian networks for small dataset problems
Anastacia Maria Macallister

Tangible augmented reality intervention for a product dissection task
Chloe McPherson

Investigating the effect of retained austenite and residual stress on rolling contact fatigue of carburized steel with XFEM and experimental approaches
George Theng Ching Ooi

Computational methods to engineer process-structure-property relationships in organic electronics: The case of organic photovoltaics
Balaji Sesha Sarath Pokuri

Bio-based carbon fiber from biorefinery lignin and lignin-derived bio-oil
Wangda Qu

Investigating the effect of retained austenite on wear and fatigue behavior of AISI 8620 steel
Sougata Roy

Exploring Granger causality in dynamical systems modeling and performance monitoring
Homagni Saha

Using Google Cardboard to perform a visual field screening test
Dhanraj Selvaraj

Nondestructive evaluation and in-situ monitoring for metal additive manufacturing
Hossein Taheri

Investigation of fundamental transport and physicochemical phenomena in lignocellulosic fast pyrolysis
Jordan A. Tiarks

Investigation of mean volume fraction fluctuations on the mean drag force acting on spherical particle assemblies
Jacob Aaron Vogts

Thermal characterization of nm-thick black phosphorus based on Raman spectroscopy
Tianyu Wang

Quantification of leaflet flutter in bioprosthetic heart valves using fluid-structure interaction analysis
Nelson Michael Wiese

Fluid–structure interaction modeling and simulation of transcatheter heart valves
Cheng-Hao Wu

Spatiotemporal graphical modeling for cyber-physical systems
Linjiang Wu

Immersogeometric analysis of compressible flows
Fei Xu

Numerical analysis of a non-polymeric double-network composite
Qitong Yao

In-situ stress monitoring during corrosion and electrodeposition
Brendan Shin Hau Yeah

Interface energy transport of two-dimensional (2D) MoS2
Pengyu Yuan

Thermal transport and thermal structural domain in microfibers
Bowen Zhu

Two-photon laser-induced fluorescence in sodium-doped composite propellant flame
Keke Zhu


Hierarchical feature extraction from spatiotemporal data for cyber-physical system analytics
Adedotun John Akintayo

An experimental and statistical study of 2D hopper flow of binary mixtures
Ashton Rose Archer

Control and manipulation of nanoparticles for fabrication of metal matrix composites
Mina Bastwros

Hybrid fs/ps coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering for multiparameter measurements of combustion and nonequilibrium
Chloe Elizabeth Dedic

Parametric study of helmholtz resonator performance and effect of poroacoustic material use in resonator design
Yasaman Esandiari

Biorefinery lignin as filler material in polylactic acid composite
Yiwei Gao

Engineering analytics through explainable deep learning
Sambuddha Ghosal

Characterization of the influence of external stimulus on protein-nucleic acid complex through multiscale computations
Agnivo Gosai

Recovering valuable products from the aqueous streams of fast pyrolysis
Patrick Hefmon Hall

The development of carbon nanomaterials enhanced potassium sensor and glucose sensor for applications in wearable sweat-based sensing
Qing He

Flame propagation of Al/PTFE mechanically activated composites
Michael Huston

The evolution of hardness and tribofilm growth during running-in of case carburized steel under boundary lubrication
Alexander David-Arthur Jenson

Pretreatment optimization methods for increased sugar yields from biomass pyrolysis
Kayla Elizabeth Johnson

Thermochemical methylation of lignin to produce high value aromatic compounds
Patrick Allan Johnston

Visualizing engineering design data using a modified two-level self-organizing map clustering approach
Adam Robert Kohl

Properties of agave fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites
Peng Li

Energy transport at the micro-/nanoscale and structure discovery based on phonon scattering
Jing Liu

Ensemble bias-correction based state of charge estimation of lithium-Ion batteries
Yifei Li

Quadrature-based models for multiphase and turbulent reacting flows
Ehsan Madadi Kandjani

Where does the Oxygen go? – Pathways and Partitioning in Autothermal Pyrolysis
Ross David Mazur

Development and initial results for roller-deposition metal powder bed laser fusion additive manufacturing
Dakota Wayne Morgan

Characterization of multiphase flows integrating X-ray imaging and virtual reality
Timothy Burkgren Morgan

Roll bonding of metal-polymer-metal sandwich composites
Saeed Mousa

Analysis and modeling of structure formation in granular and fluid-solid flows
Eric James Murphy

A numerical investigation of cavitation in valves and techno-economic analysis of Pinewood solvent liquefaction
Daudet Nsabengo Nzombo

Computational models for turbulent bubbly flows in bubble columns
Nithin Panicker

Linking process-structure-property relationships: Modeling and optimization in thin film morphologies
Spencer Pfeifer

What limits the yield of levoglucosan during fast pyrolysis of cellulose?
Juan Sebastian Proano-Aviles

Discrete element method modeling of biomass fast pyrolysis granular flows
Fenglei Qi

Synchrotron x-ray radiography, fluorescence, and imaging of coaxial rocket injector sprays
Christopher Daniel Radke

Characterizing effects of defect induction on thermal transport and structural rippling under uniaxial strain of phosphorene through classical molecular dynamics computations
Oswaldo Sanchez

Thermo-mechanical modeling and parametric analysis of lithium-ion battery
Abhishek Sarkar

Fully pneumatic semi-active vibration isolator design and analysis
Hans William Schaeffer

Computational methods and software for the design of inertial microfluidic flow sculpting devices
Daniel James Stoecklein

Smart Autonomous Grain Carts Towards a Solution to Harvesting-on-Demand
Yan Tian

Precise control over morphology and density of metal and transition metal nanostructures for sensing and energy related applications
Minh Hoang Tran

A geometric framework for immersogeometric analysis
Chenglong Wang

Water assisted laser heat treatment of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride tool materials
Kwang Shiong Wong

Thermal transport in carbon materials: Effect of low temperature and nanostructures
Yangsu Xie

Thermochemical conversion of organic and plastic waste materials through pyrolysis
Yuan Xue

Multi-level voxel representation for GPU-accelerated solid modeling
Gavin Young

Mobile robotic network deployment for intruder detection and tracking
Rui Zou


An economic comparison of high moisture feedstock biofuel production
Mitchell J. Amundson

Utilizing microfluidic technology to replicate placental functions in a drug testing model
Jeremy D. Caplin

Optically accessible bench-scale fast pyrolysis reactor for in-situ analysis using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Eric Kok Hsien Chon

Gasification of liquid sprays in an entrained flow gasifier
Nicholas Ryan Creager

Investigating effects of product visual designs on consumer judgments with the aid of eye-tracking
Ping Du

Header height control of combine harvester via robust feedback linearization
Daniel Michael Kassen

Small punch test simulation of laminated magnesium alloy composite with aluminum/silicon carbide pattern-reinforcement
Miao Liu

Consideration behavior and design decision making
Minhua Long

Analysis of gas-solid flow using particle-resolved direct numerical simulation: flow physics and modeling
Mohammad Mehrabadi

Analysis of trans-epithelial electrical resistance (TEER) in organ-on-chips to study the functions of human placenta
Rajeendra Lakruwan Pemathilaka

Analyzing present and future climatic trends on the thermal energy performance of attic structures
Kahntinetta Monique Pr’Out

Strategies for including cloud-computing into an engineering modeling workflow
Sunil Suram

Micro-cantilever based biosensor for electrical actuation and detecting molecular interactions
Zhichen Zhu


Nonlinear analysis of a two- and three-degree-of-freedom aeroelastic system with rotational stiffness free-play
David C. Asjes

Immersive technology as a decision making tool for product design
Leif Peder Berg

Design and simulation of a distortion masking control algorithm for a pneumatic cylinder
Gabriel Fernando Bravo Palacios

Engaging developers in open source software projects: harnessing social and technical data mining to improve software development
Patrick Eric Carlson

Prediction of user action in moving-target selection tasks
Juan Sebastián Casallas

Temperature-dependent thermal and electrical conduction in metallic nanostructures
Zhe Cheng

Production of activated carbon from fast pyrolysis biochar and the detoxification of pyrolytic sugars for ethanol fermentation
Bernardo Gusman del Campo

Shock wave induced freeform technique (SWIFT) for manufacturing of diamond micro-tools
Cheng Deng

Techno-economic, uncertainty, and optimization analysis of commodity product production from biomass fast pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading
Wenhao Hu

Development and application of numerical models for simulating bio-oil gasification
Arian Jafari

Flex fuel polygeneration: integrating renewable natural gas
Matthew M. Kieffer

Using speckle statistics to improve attenuation estimates for cervical assessment
Viksit Kumar

Techno-economic and uncertainty analysis of fast pyrolysis and gasification for biofuel production
Boyan Li

Material phase change under extreme domain confinement in laser material interaction
Chong Li

Molecular dynamics simulation of Chlorotoxin
Peng Li

Natural user interfaces for interdisciplinary design review using the Microsoft Kinect
Anastacia Maria MacAllister

Development and validation of virtual interactive tasks for an aviation English assessment
Nordica Ann MacCarty

The effects of scale on granular mixing in a double screw pyrolyzer
Breanna Lynn Marmur

Human factors and performance considerations of visual spatial skills in medical context tasks
Marisol Martinez Escobar

Examination of the effects of external load, velocity, and center of gravity on weight estimation using a lifting linkage
Ryan McCleish

Lasers processing of ultra-hard materials
Ammar Abdulghani Melaibari

Development and applications of various optimization algorithms for diesel engine combustion and emissions optimization
Ryan Michael Ogren

Investigating thermal transport in isotope substituted nanomaterials using molecular simulations
Upamanyu Ray

Thermal behavior of the STM tip under laser irradiation
Christopher G. Reilly

Exploring the role of large-scale immersive computing environments in collaboration between engineering and design students
Meisha Nicole Rosenberg

Review of materials property data for nondestructive characterization of pipeline materials
Lucinda Jeanette Smart

Experimental and numerical study of Taylor-Couette flow
Haoyu Wang

Crack separation mechanism applied in CO2 laser machining of thick Polycrystalline Cubic Nitride (PCBN) tool blanks
Yixian Wang

Parametric investigation of the mechanics of soft-body contact with parallel-ridge textured surfaces to understand tactile friction
Thomas Joseph Wilde

The mechanism governing cutting of hard materials with hybrid Laser/Waterjet system through controlled fracture
Zhuoru Wu

A computational framework for solving coupled equation systems using finite element method and introduction to a versatile fault-tolerant toolkit for high throughput batch processing
Yu Xie

Optical based thermal probing and characterization
Shen Xu

Thermal transport in DNA
Zaoli Xu

Sensitivity-based robust feedback linearizing control of hydraulically actuated system
Hui Zhou


Numerical simulation of biomass fast pyrolysis in fluidized bed and auger reactors
Soroush Aramideh

High-quality, real-time 3D video visualization in head mounted displays
Tyler Ray Bell

A novel particle swarm and genetic algorithm hybrid method for improved heuristic optimization of diesel engine performance
Aaron Bertram

Partitioning of fuel bound nitrogen in biomass gasification
Karl Monroe Broer

Quantifying the economic competitiveness of cellulosic biofuel pathways under uncertainty and regional sensitivity
Tristan Brown

Time-resolved investigation of fast pyrolysis using FTIR spectroscopy
Nandith George Chandy

Towards a characterization of information automation systems on the flight deck
Rachel Feddersen Dudley

Characterization of the hydrodynamic structure of a 3D acoustic fluidized bed
David Roberto Escudero

The effect of process variables on pyrolysis in a freefall reactor
Preston Gable

X-ray radiography and fluorescence for liquid distribution and mixing measurements in impinging jet sprays
Benjamin Robert Halls

A software framework for initializing, running, and maintaining mixed reality environments
Kenneth Edward Kopecky II

High quality three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement using intensity-optimized dithering technique
Beiwen Li

Numerical simulation of a comprehensive 1-D building energy model and conjugate heat transfer analysis on the internal flow field at the Harran houses in southern Turkey for a brick corbelled internal surface
Lucas Mutti

Numerical and experimental investigation of turbulence and transport in mixing geometries
Katrine Marsteng Nilsen

Numerical modeling of pollutant emissions in practical combustion systems using detailed chemical kinetics
Sujith Sukumaran

Mechanism governing surface stress generation
Nazita Taghavi

Evaluation of a commodity VR interaction device for gestural object manipulation in a three dimensional work environment
Frederick Victor Thompson III

Integrated Robust Optimal Design (IROD) via sensitivity minimization
Punit Tulpule

Fabrication and angle compensation analysis of skew rolling mill
Jie Wang

Pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis of protein- and lipid-rich feedstock
Kaige Wang

Path planning for autonomous vehicles
Mengzhe Zhang

Development of integrated assessment platform for biofuels production via fast pyrolysis and upgrading pathway
Yanan Zhang

Surface stress detection and mechanism study with microcantilever based sensor for biomolecular monolayers
Yue Zhao


Investigation of microscale particles using a microfluidic flow cytometer equipped with a sensitive photodetector
Pouya Asrar

Wind farm layout optimization under uncertainty with landowners’ financial and noise concerns
Le Chen

Optimization of biomass fast pyrolysis for the production of monomers
Dustin Lee Dalluge

A stigmergic algorithm for solving inverse thermal systems
Peter Samuel Broen Finzell

Development of a co-firing fuel from biomass-derived binder and crushed coal
Andrew Friend

Plasmonics based micro/nano manufacturing
Quincy Jay Garner

Incorporating stochastic analysis in wind turbine design: data-driven random temporal-spatial parameterization and uncertainty quantification
Qiang Guo

Evaluation of graphical user interfaces for augmented reality based manual assembly support
Jordan Scott Herrema

Influence of conductive network composite thickness and structure on performance of ionic polymer-metal composite transducer
Wangyujue Hong

Phase-field approach to surface-induced phase transformations and dislocations
Mahdi Javanbakht

Evaluating the Microsoft Kinect compared to the mouse as an effective interaction device for medical imaging manipulations
Bethany Jean Juhnke

Portal-s: High-resolution real-time 3D video telepresence
Nikolaus Lee Karpinsky

Granular mixing visualization and quantification in a double screw mixer
Todd Arnold Kingston

Micro/nanotribological studies of materials using Atomic force microscopy
Srinath R. Kistampally

Simulation based characterization and performance enhancement of heterogeneous polymer solar cells
Hari Krishna Kodali

Direct Numerical Simulations and Analytical Modeling of Granular Filtration
Ravi Kolakaluri

Pyrolytic sugars from cellulosic biomass
Najeeb M. Kuzhiyil

Thermophysical properties study of micro/nano materials
Guoqing Liu

Development of a reactor with optical access for in-situ analysis of fast pyrolysis
Willem Lubberden

A zonal model to aid in the design of household biomass cookstoves
Nordica Ann MacCarty

Electrostatic actuation based modulation of polar molecules and associated force interaction studies
Xiao Ma

Using Tarjan’s algorithm to organize and schedule the computational workflow in a federated system of models and databases
Gabriel Sean McNunn

Academic validation of the Innovation Engineering program for use by CIRAS and other MEP centers for increasing innovation in American companies
Chris Miller

Utilization of pyrolysis oil in industrial scale boilers
Kyle D. Redfern

Micro/nano scale surface roughness tailoring and its effect on microfluidic flow
Jing Ren

Analysis of sugars and phenolic compounds in bio-oil
Marjorie Ruth Rover

Phase field approach for melting of aluminum nanoparticles
Kamran Samani

Scalable Techniques for the Analysis of Large-scale Materials Data
Sai Kiranmayee Samudrala

Designing features that influence decisions about sustainable products
Jinjuan She

Orthogonal decomposition as a design tool: With application to a mixing impeller
Benjamin Michael Sloan

Raman-based imaging and thermal characterization in near-field laser heating
Xiaoduan Tang

Momentum, energy and scalar transport in polydisperse gas-solid flows using particle-resolved direct numerical simulations
Sudheer Tenneti

Stabilization of an inverted pendulum using control moment gyros
Chris Joel Walck

Superfast three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement with binary defocusing techniques and its applications
Yajun Wang

Desktop microforming and welding system powered by a flextensional Terfenol-D transducer
Adam Timothy Witthauer

The mechanism governing cutting of Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) tool blanks with phase transformation induced fracture
Zhuoru Wu

Performance characteristics of ammonia engines using direct injection strategies
George Zacharakis-Jutz

Thermophysical properties study of graphene
Jingchao Zhang

Advanced gel polymer electrolyte for lithium-ion polymer batteries
Ruisi Zhang


A New Model for Wind Farm Layout Optimization with Landowner Decisions
Le Chen

Acoustic Field Effects on Minimum Fluidization Velocity in a 3D Fluidized Bed
David Escudero

Transient Thermal Characterization of Single Anatase TiO2 nanowire with secondary porous structure
Xuhui Feng

Performance characterization of a pilot-scale oxygen enriched-air and steam blown biomass gasification and combustion system
Cuong Huynh

Mixing and Segregation in 3D Multi-Component Two-Phase Fluidized Beds Using X-Ray Computed Tomography
Norman Keller

Research on Force Interaction between Protein and DNA
Xiao Ma

Fluid-phase velocity fluctuations in fixed particle beds and freely evolving
Mohammad Mehrabadi

Origins of Shear Thinning to Shear Thickening Transition in Cement Pastes
Eric Murphy

Microfluidic Channel Fabrication with Tailored Wall Roughness
Jing Ren

Priming Designers to Communicate Sustainability
Jinjuan She

Numerical Modeling of Soot Emissions in n-Heptane Spray Using Multistep Soot Model with Detailed PAH Chemistry
Sujith Sukumaran

Probing of Temperature Rise in Near-Field Laser Heating by Particles
Xiaoduan Tang

Momentum, Energy and Scalar Transport in Gas-Solid Flows Using Particle-Resolved Direct Numerical Simulation
Sudheer Tenneti

Asymmetric Bimanual Interface Configuration and Interactions for Virtual Assembly
Vikram Vyawahare

Characterization of the Effects of High-Frequency Vibration on Aluminum and Copper Upsetting
Adam Witthauer

Fabrication of Aluminum Matrix Composite Reinforced by Silicon Carbide of Various Micro-Structures
Can Zhu


Chemical Mechanical Paired Grinding
David Thomas Asplund

Laser texturing of drug eluting stents to improve drug adhesion
Michelle Kay Buehler

A near real-time framework for extracting tip-sample forces in dynamic atomic force microscopy
David Ray Busch

Laser-based thermophysical properties measurement and nanotructure diagnostics
Xiangwen Chen

Constraint-based synthesis of shape-morphing compliant structures in virtual reality
Denis Dorozhkin

Hydrodynamic Characterization of 3D Fluidized Beds Using Noninvasive Techniques
Joshua Drake

Improved rate and angle estimation through higher accuracy planar motion models
Keegan Gartner

Survey and sustainability of energy technologies
Joshua Donald Gifford

A study on static pressure reset and instability in variable air volume HVAC systems
Brian Wayne Housholder

Performance characterization of a pilot-scale oxygen enriched-air and steam blown gasification and combustion system
Cuong Van Huynh

Experimental and numerical investigation of effect of stick-slip friction transition on lateral vibration of magnetic tapes
Sameer Jape

MicroCantilever (MC) based nanomechanical sensor for detection of molecular interactions
Kyungho Kang

3D geometry compression with Holoimage
Nikolaus L. Karpinsky

Experimental and computational study of turbulent mixing in a confined rectangular jet
Bo Kong

Hemorrhage correlation with total energy and surface power near opossum skull exposed to pulsed ultrasound
Viksit Kumar

Comparison of Three Degree of Freedom and Six Degree of Freedom Motion Bases Utilizing Classical Washout Algorithms
Christopher Daven Larsen

A numerical and experimental study of in-situ NO formation in laminar NH3-seeded syngas diffusion flames
Miao Li

The Impact of Household Refrigeration Storage Conditions on the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables
Kristopher Robert Lineberry

Solid oxide fuel cell reliability and performance modeling and fabrication by spray pyrolysis
Lin Liu

Investigation of a novel manufacturing technique for two-dimensional machining of Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) tools
Ammar Abdulghani Melaibari

An evaluation of perceived urgency applied to amplitude modulated stimulus for military applications
Tyrone D. Moore

Incorporating uncertainty in vehicle miles traveled projections of the National Energy Modeling System\
David Michael Poetting

A turbulence-based model for the primary breakup of pressure atomized liquid jets
Christopher D. Schmitz

Weldability of Advanced High Strength Steels using Yb:YAG high power laser for Tailor-Welded Blank applications
Rajashekhar Shivaram Sharma

Multi-objective optimization based engineering decision tool
Adam Joe Shuttleworth

Application of Experimental and Numerical Techniques to Microscale Devices
Vishwanath Somashekar

Stress analysis of welded gusseted frames
Zamir Imtiyaz Syed

Sealing and cutting of PLA bio-plastic
Julius Vogel

Removal of particulate matter from condensable vapors using a moving bed granular filter
Lysle Ervin Whitmer

Fabrication of metal matrix composite by semi-solid powder processing
Yufeng Wu

Control tools for rapid broadband nanomechanical spectroscopy using scanning probe microscope
Zhonghua Xu

Multicomponent drop vaporization modeling of petroleum and biofuel mixtures
Lei Zhang

3D mesh metamorphosis from spherical parameterization for conceptual design
Ruqin Zhang


Rapid optimization of interior permanent magnet (IPM) machines using the response surface method and dimensionless parameters
Ron D. Bremner

Bed height and material density effects on fluidized bed hydrodynamics
David Roberto Escudero

A hybrid method for haptic feedback to support manual virtual product assembly
Daniela Faas

Improving particle swarm optimization path planning through inclusion of flight mechanics
Joseph Scott Holub

Survey of gas-liquid mass transfer in bioreactors
Enes Kadic

A comparison study of digital sinusoidal fringe generation technique: defocusing binary patterns VS focusing sinusoidal patterns
Shuangyan Lei

Analysis of the passive design and solar collection techniques of the houses in the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition
Timothy Robert Lentz

Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle aggregation in colloidal systems
Sergiy Markutsya

Contextual self-organizing maps for visual design space exploration
Brett Nekolny

Focussed electric field induced ion transport: A novel nano-patterning process
Dibyadeep Paul

Laser shockwave sintering of micro and nanoscale powders of yttria-stabilized zirconia
Victor Orlando Roa Baerga

Performance of a pilot scale biomass gasification and producer gas combustion system using feedstock with controlled nitrogen content
Sharan Sethuraman

Numerical study on mixture formation characteristics in a direct-injection hydrogen engine
Sujith Sukumaran

The AugmenTable: markerless hand manipulation of virtual objects in a tabletop augmented reality environment
Michael Van Waardhuizen

Discrete element simulations and constitutive modeling of dense granular flows
Vidyapati Vidyapati

Frequency Domain Active Noise Control with Ultrasonic Tracking
Thomas Chapin Waite

A study of haptic interactions with an under actuated robot in three dimensions
Melissa Mae Wickham

Techno-economic, location, and carbon emission analysis of thermochemical biomass to transportation fuels
Mark Wright

A plug and play framework for an HVAC air handling unit and temperature sensor auto recognition technique
Xiaohui Zhou


Massive model visualization: An investigation into spatial partitioning
Jeremy S. Bennett

Development of a lab-scale auger reactor for biomass fast pyrolysis and process optimization using response surface methodology
Jared Nathaniel Brown

Hybrid thermochemical/biological processing of biomass for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and hydrogen gas from Rhodospirillum rubrum cultured on synthesis gas
David Craig Chipman

Design, optimization and evaluation of a free-fall biomass fast pyrolysis reactor and its products
Cody James Ellens

Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell functionally graded electrodes and a feasibility study of fabrication techniques for functionally graded electrodes
Reuben Flesner

Techno-economic comparison of hot water and dilute acid pretreatment for biochemical production of ethanol from corn stover and evaluation of alternative scenarios to purchasing cellulase enzymes
Joshua Alan Fortman

High-frame-rate planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of diesel sprays using pulse burst diagnostics
Joseph Fuller

Molecular dynamics simulation of shock waves in laser-material interaction
Sobieslaw Stanislaw Gacek

Modeling and Simulation of two-phase flows
Rahul Garg

Computational modeling of multiphase fibrous flows for simulation based engineering design
Stephen Patrick Gent

Comparison of the energy and economic feasibility of different building systems.
Adam John Gudenkauf

Thermal and mechanical phenomena in nanoscale constrained domains
Liying Guo

Virtual reality based multi-modal teleoperation using mixed autonomy
Muthukkumar Kadavasal Sivaraman

Numerical Study of Effects of High Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Energy Recovery System on Diesel Engine Performance
Brian James Kalina

Mechanics guided design of hybrid laser/waterjet system for machining of hard and brittle materials
Dinesh Kalyanasundaram

Modeling and control of material removal and defectivity in chemical mechanical planarization
Pavan Kumar Karra

Parametric study and optimization of diesel engine operation for low emissions using different injectors
Prashanth Kumar Karra

The effects of biomass pretreatments on the products of fast pyrolysis
Randall Dennis Kasparbauer

Feedforward control approach to precision trajectory design and tracking : Theory and application to nano-mechanical property mapping using Scanning Probe Microscope
Kyongsoo Kim

Engine spray combustion modeling using unified spray model with dynamic mesh refinement
Ravi Kolakaluri

Enhancement of engine simulation using LES turbulence modeling and advanced numerical schemes
Yuanhong Li

Tools & techniques for reduced energy consumption with residential energy system example application
James Steven Marschalek

Investigations into the fate and behavior of selected inorganic compounds during biomass gasification
Patrick Marshall Meehan

Considering value of information when using CFD in design
John Satprim Misra

Real-time scenegraph creation and manipulation in an immersive environment using an iPhone
Brandon James Newendorp

Laser microfabrication and testing of silicon carbide diaphragms for MEMS applications
Benjamin Pecholt

Determination of critical factors for fast and accurate 2D medical image deformation
Catherine Elise Peloquin

Development of a Rate of Injection Bench and Constant Volume Combustion Chamber for Diesel Spray Diagnostics
Anthony Phan

comparison of bio-oil produced in a fractionated bio-oil collection system
Anthony Joseph Sherwood Pollard

Combustion and emissions characteristics of a compression-ignition engine using dual ammonia-diesel fuel
Aaron Reiter

Surface damage of metallic implants due to mechanical loading and chemical reactions
Jae-joong Ryu

Ultrafast-time-gated ballistic-photon imaging and shadowgraphy in optically dense rocket sprays
Zane Donald Schaefer

Qualitative measurements of pressure-atomized sprays through simultaneous collection of planar fluorescence, phosphorescence, and Mie scattering data
Jacob Brian Schmidt

A virtual reality interface for the design of compliant mechanisms
Utkarsh Seth

Performance evaluation of carbon-dioxide sensors used in building HVAC applications
Som Sagar Shrestha

Response of tin whiskers to dynamic input: Mathematical modeling and experimental property measurement
Matthew James Spitzner

Techno-economic analysis of biomass-to-liquids production based on gasification
Ryan Michael Swanson

improving path planning of unmanned aerial vehicles in an immersive environment using meta-paths and terrain information
Levi Daniel Swartzentruber

The uses of laboratory testing of biomass cookstoves and the shortcomings of the dominant U.S. protocol
Robert Pendleton Taylor

A non-body conformal grid method for simulations of laminar and turbulent flows with a compressible large eddy simulation solver
Wen Wang

An investigation of active structural acoustic control in resonant enclosures
Christopher E. Whitmer

Pyrolysis oil combustion characteristics and exhaust emissions in a swirl-stabilized flame
Derek Wissmiller

Inversion-based feedforward-feedback control: theory and implementation to high-speed atomic force microscope imaging
Ying Wu

Development of Novel Semisolid Powder Processing for Micromanufacturing
Yufeng Wu

Development of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme and Conjugate Heat Transfer Model for Engine Simulations
Qingluan Xue

Control approach to high-speed large-range AFM imaging and nanofabrication
Yan Yan


Predicting loads on ground engaging tillage tools using computational fluid dynamics
Mark Eugene Barker

A feasibility study of implementing an Ammonia Economy
Jeffrey Ralph Bartels

Investigation of tribological properties of biobased polymers and polymeric composites
Satyam Kumar Bhuyan

Laser Sintering of Nanodiamond Powders on Aluminum Substrate
Rodger Vincent Blum

Investigation into the stress assisted damage of copper surface under single asperity: influence of contact pressures, surfaces stress states and environments
Bun Hiong Chua

The role of information flow in engineering optimization
Steven Michael Corns

Applications of narrative to the engineering decision making process and the pedagogy of engineering education
Todd Chaney Dusold

A framework for tumor segmentation and interactive immersive visualization of medical image data for surgical planning
Jung Leng Foo

Visualizing fluidized beds with X-rays
Nathan Paul Franka

Energy comparison of under floor air distribution heating ventilation and air conditioning systems in office buildings
Jonathon Richard Giles

Pulsed laser ablation and micromachining of 4H and 6H SiC wafers for high-temperature MEMS sensors
Saurabh Gupta

Analysis of a DDGS Air-Drying System with heat recovery
Christopher Brady Hoeck

Improving solution characteristics of particle swarm optimization through the use of digital pheromones, parallelization, and graphical processing units (GPUs)
Vijay Kiran Kalivarapu

Effect of conformational change on nanoscale friction behavior of organic thin films
Kanaga Karuppiah Kanaga Subramanian

Autonomous construction agents: An investigative framework for large sensor network self-management
Joshua Bruce Koch

The Application of Polynomial Response Surface and Polynomial Chaos Expansion Metamodels within an Augmented Reality Conceptual Design Environment
Andrew Thomas Koehring

Energy efficiency enhancements to a low energy high performance building
Joel Clifton Logan

Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle aggregation in colloidal systems
Sergiy Markutsya

Force interaction characterization between thrombin and DNA aptamers
Janice Dionne Marquardt

An interactive color pre-processing method to improve tumor segmentation in digital medical images
Marisol Martinez Escobar

Establishing an advanced engineering framework for engineering decision making
Douglas Stinson McCorkle

Simulating energy efficiency in laboratory buildings
Robert Marcel Milbrandt

Metamodeling for the quantitative assessment of conceptual designs in an immersive virtual reality environment
Christian John Noon

Characterization of actuator behaviors of ferrogels obtained from physical and chemical cross-linking methods
Geunhyung Park

Devising a more robust automated detection method using audio frequency spectra
Gregory Stargell

An energy and cost analysis of residential ground-source heat pumps in Iowa
Matthew James Swenka

Carbon conversion during bubbling fluidized bed gasification of biomass
Kevin Jay Timmer

Development of a multiblock solver utilizing the lattice Boltzmann and traditional finite difference methods for fluid flow problems
Aditya C. Velivelli

A feasibility study of stationary and dual-axis tracking grid-connected photovoltaic systems in the Upper Midwest
Ryan Duwain Warren

Techno-economic evaluations of biofuel technologies
Mark Mba Wright

Quenching of particle-gas combustible mixtures using the electric particulate suspension (EPS) method
Hua Xu

Modeling and direct numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows
Ying Xu

Experimental and simulation study of demand controlled ventilation
Li Zhang


Virtual design for the interactive placement of baffles in air flow
Jared Mark Abodeely

Study of a compact energy absorber
Muhammad Ali

The PHANTOM Omni as an under-actuated robot
John Albert Beckman

A techno-economic analysis of syngas fermentation for the production of hydrogen and polyhydroxyalkanoate
Scott C. Bents

AI Loom: a generic development framework for multi-agent systems ideally suited for virtual worlds
Joshua Luke Brown

Friction and wear behavior of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene as a function of crystallinity and in the presence of the phospholipid DPPC (dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine)
Angela Lynette Bruck

Optimization of a hydraulic mixing nozzle
Joshua Jacob Engelbrecht

Engineering design using genetic algorithms
Xiaopeng Fang

Large eddy simulations of a confined rectangular jet
Anup Ganesh Gokarn

Gas-liquid mass transfer in an external airlift loop reactor for syngas fermentation
Samuel T. Jones

A virtual engineering framework to support progressive interaction in engineering design
Balasubramaniam Karthikeyan

Investigation of phospholipid separation from soybean oil for biodiesel production
Naveen Kekre

Studies of laser-based, solid freeform fabrication and coating processes using nanoscale and functionally-graded materials
Rajeev Madhavan Nair

Solar heating of a residential building in Kazakhstan
Ernar Aidargazaevich Makishev

Probability density function formalism for multiphase flows
Madhusudan Gurpura Pai

Modeling, analysis and non-linear control of a novel pneumatic semi-active vibration isolator: a concept validation study
Hemanth Porumamilla

Large eddy simulation of turbulent heat transfer in stationary and rotating square ducts
Zhaohui Qin

Combining physical constraints with geometric constraint-based modeling for virtual assembly
Abhishek Seth

Performance of corn stoves
David Robert Starks

Multiscale modeling of segregation in granular flows
Jin Sun

Development of a portable laboratory facility to demonstrate alternative energy technologies
Peter Thomas Swanson

Assessment of haptics-based interaction for assembly tasks in virtual reality
Dao Minh Vo

Computational analyses for modeling fluidized bed gasification processes
Nan Xie

The effect of surface roughness parameters on contact and wettability of solid surfaces
Yilei Zhang


Computational fluid dynamic modeling of acoustic liquid manipulation
Nicholus Ryan Clinkinbeard

The development of a virtual reality based CAD system for design review
Thomas Anthony Erlemeier

Experimental study of turbulent mixing in a rectangular reactor
Hua Feng

Interactive design methods in virtual reality with haptics
Andrew George Fischer

Using X-ray computed tomography to measure local gas holdup in a stirred tank reactor
Jason J. Ford

Case study of a high efficiency home
David Aaron Hamilton

An interactive design environment for coal piping system
Gengxun Huang

Managing multiple unmanned aerial vehicles from a 3D virtual environment
Jared Scott Knutzon

The measurement of flame propagation within an electrostatic particulate system
Ryan Mark Kroll

The numerical simulation of turbulent boundary layers and film cooling
Kunlun Liu

Empirical validations of the daylighting/window shading/solar gains models in building energy simulation programs
Peter Gregory Loutzenhiser

Development of an adaptive fuzzy logic controller for HVAC system
Rahul Laxman Navale

Investigation of the performance of articular cartilage and synthetic biomaterials in multi-directional sliding motion as in orthopedic implants
Christian John Schwartz

Fatigue life investigation for cams with translating roller-follower and translating flat-face follower systems
Mwafak Mohammed Shakoor

Empirical validation of building energy simulation software:: EnergyPlus
Som Sagar Shrestha

Adaptive resonant mode control for high frequency tonal noise
Tom Waite

Large eddy simulation of turbulent pipe/annular supercritical CO2 flow with heat transfer and perfect gas flow in a ribbed annuli passage
Xiaohang Wang


Synergy between chemical dissolution and mechanical abrasion during chemical mechanical polishing of copper
Wei Che

A numerical model for biomass pyrolysis
Mathew John Hagge

Stabilization and control of teleoperation systems with time delays
Yongjun Hou

Fatigue life investigation of solid and hollow rollers in pure rolling contact
Wisam M. Abu Jadayil

Performance evaluation of duct-mounted relative humidity sensors used in building HVAC applications
Shailesh Narayan Joshi

MicroPIV measurement of turbulent and transitional flow characteristics in microchannels
Hao Li

Control of nonlinear flexible space structures
Jianjun Shi

Gas holdup in a gas-liquid-fiber semi-batch bubble column
Xuefeng Su

Hydrodynamics and gas holdup in a cocurrent air-water-fiber bubble column
Chengzhi Tang

Virtual environment UAV swarm management using GPU calculated digital pheromones
Bryan Walter

Residential building energy use and HVAC system comparison study
Ryan Duwain Warren


Exploring rollover performance of road vehicles
Ole Balling

Tribological studies of polyphenylene sulfide composites filled with micro/nano particles and reinforced with short fibers or carbon nano-tubes/carbon nano-fibers
Minhaeng Cho

Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and patterning of 3C-SiC films on Si substrates for MEMS fabrication
Yuanyuan Dong

Robust control design for an electrohydraulic wheel loader system with a human-in-the-loop assessment in a virtual environment
Roger Fales

Heat transfer and pressure drop of refrigerant R404A at near-critical and supercritical pressures
Yirong Jiang

Networked haptic interaction in virtual reality for collaborative design
ChangEun Kim

Large eddy simulation of compressible turbulent channel and annular pipe flows with system and wall rotations
Joon Sang Lee


CAD model robustness assessment and repair
Armand Daryoush Assadi

The role of univariate and multivariate data in the design of advanced operator workstations
Melinda Marie Cerney

The transport phase of pyrolytic oil exiting a fast fluidized bed reactor
Daren Einar Daugaard

The analysis and modeling of pressure fluctuations in a fluidized bed
David Thomas Falkowski

AMoEBA: the adaptive modeling by evolving blocks algorithm
Peter Eric Johnson

Numerical simulation of low Reynolds number pipe orifice flow
Chunjian Ni

Investigation of oxides of nitrogen emissions from biodiesel-fueled engines
Mustafa Ertunc Tat

Large eddy simulation of compressible turbulent pipe flow with heat transfer
Xiaofeng Xu

Design, manufacture, and testing of quasicrystal coated mold for injection molding
Rahim Zamanian


Interactive stress re-analysis in virtual reality
Kurt Anthony Chipperfield

Modeling of chemical mechanical polishing at multiple scales
Guanghui Fu

Experimental and analytical studies of a CO2 laser-based flexible fabrication method for dies and molds
Wenping Jiang

Large eddy simulation of wall bounded turbulent flows with heat transfer
Yang Liu


A study of the heat transfer and fluid mechanics of the turbulent separating and reattaching flow past a backward facing step using large eddy simulation
Ravikanth V. R. Avancha

Production of biodiesel from feedstocks with high free fatty acids and its effect on diesel engine performance and emissions
Mustafa Canakci

A study of the accuracy, completeness, and efficiency of artificial neural networks and related inductive learning techniques
Craig Garlin Carmichael

An experimental and numerical investigation of stator-rotor interactions in a transonic compressor
Steven Ernest Gorrell

Autoignition modeling of natural gas for engine modeling programs: an experimental and modeling study
Seref Soylu

Intelligent assist device
Kok-Leong Tan


Modeling and optimization of heating and drying processes in a clothes dryer
Ashraf Maurice Bassily

Flow visualization and pressure drop for refrigerant phase change and air-water flow in small hydraulic diameter geometries
John Wesley Coleman

Factors influencing precision and accuracy of a carbon-in ash monitor
Maohong Fan

Spatial mechanism design in virtual reality with networking
John Njuguna Kihonge

Large eddy simulation of turbulent flows with property variations, rotation and complex geometry
Ning Meng

Blade geometry description using B-splines and general surfaces of revolution
Perry Lennox Miller IV

Visualization and approximation of post processed computational fluid dynamics data in a virtual environment
Vishant Jude Shahnawaz

Visualization and approximation of post processed computational fluid dynamics data in a virtual environment
Vishant Jude Shahnawaz

Transform-based surface analysis and representation for CAD models
Lei Sun

Synthesis of mechanisms for function, path, and motion generation using invariant characterization, storage and search methods
George Randall Wandling Sr.

Design and implementation of haptic interactions
Naci Zafer


Three-dimensional wind turbine simulation and analysis
Jennifer Ann Cordero

A dynamic adaptive grid MPDATA scheme: application to the computational solution of atmospheric tracer transport problems
John Paul Iselin

Process monitoring and fault classification for an air handling unit
Kyung-Jin Jang

Large eddy simulation of turbulent channel flow with buoyancy effects
Joon Sang Lee

Chip-controlled 3-D complex cutting tool insert design and virtual manufacturing simulation
Shizhuang Luo

Transport processes in directional solidification and their effects on microstructure development
Prantik Mazumder

Finite element simulation of chip formation in orthogonal metal cutting using the Langrangian formulation in DYNA3D
Benjamen David McClain

Investigation and analysis of lubricant effects on the performance of an HFC-134a refrigeration system
Predrag Popovic

Computer modeling of ultrashort pulsed laser ablation of diamond and graphite with experimental verification
Michael D. Shirk

Application of linear superposition methods to within-lattice loading design optimization of light water reactor nuclear fuel assemblies
Jie Zheng


Interactive synthetic environments with force feedback
James Christopher Edwards

Numerical simulation of the hydrodynamic behavior of a gas-solid fluidized bed with and without an electric field
Forhad Md Hossain

The VR Factory : discrete event simulation implemented in a virtual environment
Jason John Kelsick

Empirical validation of building energy simulation software: DOE2.E, HAP and TRACE
Sang Soo Lee

The effect of biodiesel oxidation on engine performance and emissions
Abdul Monyem

Applying virtual reality to computational fluid dynamics post-processing
Sasikumar Sasikumar

Design of plastics injection molds for short-run production: a rapid prototyping approach
Christian Victor Signoret

Large eddy simulation of turbulent flows using finite volume methods with structured, unstructured, and zonal embedded grids
Todd Allen Simons

Economic analysis of ethanol production from biomass using a hybrid thermal/biological conversion process
Kim Sui So

Finite element analysis of chip formation in grooved tool metal cutting
Wooi Khiong Thean


Force reflecting haptic interactions in a synthetic environment
Young-Ho Chai

Determination of particulate and unburned hydrocarbon emissions from diesel engines fueled with biodiesel
David Yu-Zhang Chang

Three-dimensional object recognition
Kehang Chen

Collision-free path planning
Shiang-Fong Chen

Large eddy simulation of turbulent flows with variable property heat transfer using a compressible finite volume formulation
Lyle Douglas Dailey

The dynamics of liquids in moving containers: Numerical models for viscous unsteady free surface flows
Adonis C. Kassinos

Heat transfer evaluation of HFC-236ea and HFC-236fa in evaporation and condensation
Shin-Miin Tzuoo

Study of a wake recovery mechanism in a high-speed axial compressor stage
Dale E. Van Zante

Applying virtual reality techniques to engineering design optimization
Tsung-Pin Yeh


Pressure fluctuations as a diagnostic tool for fluidized beds
Ethan James Brue

Control system design for robots used in simulating dynamic force and moment interaction in virtual reality applications
Christopher Lee Clover

Analytical and finite element modeling of a machining system to minimize inaccuracy in milling and using rapid prototyping for die manufacturing
Parag Gupta

Boundary layer development in multi-stage low pressure turbines
David Elmer Halstead

Nd:YAG laser-assisted turning of difficult-to-machine silicon nitride
Bruce Clyde Janvrin

An FMCW radar system for short range surface contour mapping
Annette Lynn Latwesen

Torque on the cylinder block of an axial-piston swash-plate type hydrostatic pump
Noah Denver Manring

An investigation of series hybrid-electric vehicle operation
Christopher John Merriman

FTIR analysis of transient CO2 emissions in a circulating fluidized bed boiler
Thomas Steven Raines

Field study of energy savings in manufacturing facilities
Karen Louise Smith

Optimal synthesis of a planar four-bar mechanism with prescribed timing using generalized reduced gradient, simulated annealing and genetic algorithms
Gloria Kay Starns

Evaluation of the use of wind power to satisfy various electric and heating energy demand scenarios
Stein Stein

Analysis of limestone calcination and sulfation using transient gas analysis
Theodore Donald Thiede

Effects of shrouded stator cavity flows on multistage axial compressor aerodynamic performance
Steven Robert Wellborn


Modeling x-ray scattering process and applications of the scattering model
Taher Lutfi Al-Jundi

Surface and sub-surface ablation cell design for remote (robotic) radioactive soil analysis using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled-Atomic Emission Spectrometry/Mass Spectrometry LA-ICP-AES/MS
Reza Bashirzadeh

Nuclear plant diagnostics using neural networks with dynamic input selection
Anujit Basu

An active air spring suspension system without shock absorber on a quarter vehicle model
Mitchell Alonzo Duncklee

Investigation into the effect of the slipper compensating orifice size on the mechanical and volumetric efficiency of a fixed displacement axial piston hydrostatic unit
John Patrick Fleming

Ultrasonic measurement of drawability (r-values) of low carbon steel sheets
Kaveh Forouraghi

Propagation of uncertainty in a knowledge-based system to assess energy management strategies for new technologies
Chun-Yen Hsu

Total system performance assessment of the proposed high level radioactive waste repository site at Genting Island, Karimunjawa, Indonesia
Yudi Utomo Imardjoko

Numerical modeling of reactive gas assisted laser cutting of metals
Chin Kooi Lim

An investigation of the mechanics of rollover for cars and light trucks
Yvonne Irene Katherine Lund

Performance assessment modeling of alternative high level nuclear wasteforms
William Mark Nutt

Unstructured grid algorithms for two- and three-dimensional flows on parallel computers
Thomas Hans Ramin

Laser machining and its thermal effects on silicon nitride and steel
Aloke K. Ray

Unstructured surface and volume decimation of tessellated domains
Kevin Joseph Renze

A compliant model for estimation and optimization of damping in vibrating structures
Thomas Jeffrey Thompson

Dynamic balance and walking control of biped mechanisms
James J. Troy

Bubble and elutriation control in fluidized beds with electric fields
Jiun-Shen Wang


Simulation of three-dimensional incompressible flows with free-surfaces including fluid-structure interaction and microgravity flows
Sethuraman Babu

An experimental evaluation of capillary tube-suction line heat exchanger performance with alternative refrigerants HFC-134a and HFC-152a
Robert Rudolph Bittle

Numerical evaluation of corona discharge as a means of boundary layer control and drag reduction
Samir Hamza El-Khabiry

Advanced fuzzy logic controllers and self-tuning strategy
Shou-Heng Huang

Shell-side condensation of HFC-134a and HCFC-123 on enhanced-tube bundles
Joseph B. Huber

Reliability assessment of nuclear power plant fault-diagnostic systems using artificial neural networks
Keehoon Kim

Use of virtual reality in off-line robot programming
Darren Scott Knapp

A new methodology for the determination of transport properties of refrigerants
Jian-Yuan Lin

Unstructured grid analysis of three-dimensional conduction in complex geometries
John Charles Minor

Heat transfer and fluid flow in spray evaporators with application to reducing refrigerant inventory
Shane Alan Moeykens

The effect of liquid inundation, vapor shear, and non-condensible gases on the condensation of refrigerants HFC-134a and HCFC-123
Lance Edward Rewerts

Measurement of elastic moduli of porous SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites using ultrasonics
Vikram Saini

Automatic constraint-based synthesis of non-uniform rational B-spline surfaces
Philip Chacko Theruvakattil

Dynamics and controls for robot manipulators with open and closed kinematic chain mechanisms
Sam-Sang You

Emissions and combustion of fatty acid esters of soybean oil in a diesel engine
Yu Zhang

An experimental evaluation of the miscibility characteristics of ten different non-CFC refrigerants with fourteen different lubricants
Steven Charles Zoz


Determining char burning and sulfur sorption rates from dynamic analysis of CO2 and SO2 profiles
Nearchos J. Christofides

An experimental study of the thermal performance of R-134a and refrigerant blends in an air conditioning system
Stephen W. Crown

Evaluation of multigrid acceleration for a coupled, strongly implicit procedure for the Navier-Stokes equations
Robert L. Cupples

Carbon in fly ash analysis using photoacoustic spectroscopy
Jeffrey Raymond Dykstra

In-tube evaporation and condensation of HFC-134a and CFC-12 with various lubricant mixtures
Steven J. Eckels

Alternative technologies for refrigeration and air conditioning applications
Don Carlyle Gauger

Effects of gasket heat gain and an alternative refrigerant on refrigerator/freezer performance
Majid Ghassemi

Computer modeling of neutron radiography
Troy J. Groth

Dimensional verification and correction of five-axis numerically controlled milling tool paths
Yun-Ching Huang

A model of coal combustion dynamics in a fluidized bed combustor
Kenneth William Junk

Numerical simulation of two and three-dimensional viscous free surface flows in partially-filled containers using a surface capturing approach
Franklyn Joseph Kelecy

Remote robot manipulator coupled with remote-controlled guide vehicle for soil sampling in hazardous waste sites
Kiho Kim

Freezing problem in pipe flows
Jong Suk Lee

Using sensitivity derivatives of resonant response to guide structural redesign
Tsung-Hsiun Li

Collision-free path planning for robots using B-splines and simulated annealing
Horacio Martínez-Alfaro

An interactive graphical simulation of CNC milling
Craig T. Muncaster

Development of manufacturability constraints for press forming of sheet metal components
Nirmal Kumar Nair

The aerodynamics of a baseline supersonic throughflow fan rotor
Daniel Lawrence Tweedt

NURBS based computer interface for rapid prototyping
Janardhanan K. Varadachari

Dynamic modeling of multibody flexible structures
Jiechi Xu

Study of melting and freezing processes of water for application to ice thermal energy storage system
Liang Yong


Knowledge base expert system control of spatial xenon oscillations in pressurized water reactors
Serhat Alten

Nuclear power plant status diagnostics using a neural network with dynamic node architecture
Anujit Basu

Gas cleaning strategies for the operation of a wood-chip gasifier coupled to an internal combustion engine
Michael Keefe Brewer

Thermal analysis and modeling of a precision snap-action switch
Nien-Tsung Hsiao

Analytical and experimental studies of advanced laser cutting techniques
Ming-Jen Hsu

An implicit numerical scheme for the simulation of internal viscous flows on unstructured grids
Philip Charles Eberhardt Jorgenson

An artificial neutral network fault-diagnostic advisor for a nuclear power plant with error prediction
Keehoon Kim

The importance of input variables to a neural network fault-diagnostic system for nuclear power plants
Terry L. Lanc

Using size sensitivities to guide structural shape optimization
Afshin Mikaili

The influence of high voltage discharge on flat plate drag at low Reynolds number air flow
Frans Soetomo

Wall functions for the k – [epsilon] turbulence model in generalized nonorthogonal curvilinear coordinates
Douglas L. Sondak

An interactive graphical approach to off-line programming
James J. Troy

Using nonlinear sensitivities to estimate eigenvalues and eigenvectors for large design changes
Judith Marie Callicott Vance


Prediction of diesel engine particulate emission during transient cycles
Qiqing Jiang

Synthesis and analysis of elastic high-speed cam-operated mechanisms
Hsin-Ting Jonathan Liu

Tribological and arc erosion behaviors of copper-refractory metal in situ composites
Ping Liu

Automatic programming of arc welding robots
Srikanth Padmanabhan

A numerical model for a bubble in nucleate pool boiling
Rajendra K. Patil

Ionic structure of methane flames
Timothy Wayne Pedersen

A study of high speed flows in an aircraft transition duct
Bruce A. Reichert

Modification of axial-flow compressor stall margin by variation of stationary blade setting angles
John Paul Rukavina

Control of a very flexible robot in gravity
Jay E. Shannan

Adaptive torque control of a diesel engine for transient test cycles
Taner Tuken

Methods of measuring the solubility and viscosity of lubricating oil/refrigerant mixtures at high discharge pressures and temperatures
Nolan A. Van Gaalen

Elevated temperature erosion studies on some materials for high temperature applications
Jianren Zhou

Measurement of solubility, density, and viscosity of lubricant/refrigerant mixtures for HCFC-22 and HFC-134a
Steven Charles Zoz


Prediction of steady and unsteady flow and heat transfer over a cylinder in crossflow using a space-time marching algorithm
Brett William Batson

Incorporation of a rectangular void into a three-dimensional neutron diffusion nodal model
Mohamed Boussoufi

A primitive variable, strongly implicit calculation procedure for two and three-dimensional unsteady viscous flows: applications to compressible and incompressible flows including flows with free surfaces
Kuo-Huey Chen

On computations of the integrated space shuttle flowfield using overset grids
Ing-Tsau Chiu

Neutron and proton dosimetry at the LAMPF 800-MeV proton accelerator
Dorothy R. Davidson

Photoacoustic spectroscopy applied to on-line measurement of carbon loadings in fluidized bed combustion flue gas
Jeffrey Raymond Dykstra

Fuzzy logic control of a fluidized bed combustor
Stephen J. Koffman

Sensitivity analysis of finite element-based equilibrium problems using Padé approximants
Soon Ki Kwon

Design of an expert system for failed fuel identification and surveillance in EBR-II
Ramin Mikaili

Modeling and control of a two-arm elastic robot in gravity
Chaeyoun Oh

Mathematical model to predict surface finish in end milling of aluminum
Laxmi Narasimham Peri

An experimental and theoretical study of heat transfer effects during a laser-cutting process
Natarajan Rajendran

An unsteady boundary-layer method for internal and external flows with applications to fortification schemes
Thomas Hans Ramin

A feature based approach to the integration of design, manufacturing and process planning
Richard Mark Schulte

Use of continuation methods for kinematic synthesis and analysis
Thiagaraj Subbian

Numerical solution of the steady, compressible, Navier-Stokes equations in two and three dimensions by a coupled space-marching method
Peter Warren TenPas

Automated linearization of nonlinear coupled differential and algebraic equations
Jeffrey Dean Trom


The SK(N) approximation: a new method for solving integral transport equations
Zekeriya Altaç

Experimental adaptive control of a hydraulic robot
S. Ananthakrishnan

Stochastic memory process and its application to cumulative outage time in nuclear power plants
Mohamad Ali Azarm

Dynamic behavior of seatbelts in rollover situation
Ming-Te Cheng

Computer simulation of plastic deformation in irradiated metals
Üner Çolak

Heat transfer to a stationary and moving sphere immersed in a fluidized bed
Chetan Jitendra Desai

Heat transfer and combustion in a two-bed fluidized combustor
James Everett Foley

A dual-potential formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations
Steven Gerard Gegg

Simulation of time-dependent compressible viscous flows using central and upwind-biased finite-difference techniques
Edward Joseph Hall

Gravitational and coupling effects in modeling of an elastic robot arm
Alan Matthew Hufnagel

A modular nodal method for solving the neutron transport equation using spherical harmonics in two dimensions
Feyzi Inanc

Theoretical and experimental studies on flame propagation and quenching of powdered fuels
Se-Won Kim

Development of a transient diesel exhaust emissions measurement system
Bennett Clark Murray

Multizone modeling of a fumigated diesel engine
Pradheepram Ottikkutti

Effect of electrically driven particles on air flow in a rectangular duct
Ahmed Mohie El-Din Saad Sarhan

Thermal hydraulic aspects of an unconventional liquid metal reactor
Cemal Niyazi Sökmen

Interactive optimization of mechanical systems with multiple performance requirements
Gopichand Somayajula


Development of a sensor for the continuous measurement of oil concentration in a refrigeration system
James Jay Baustian

Implementation of an expert system for xenon spatial control in pressurized water reactors
Sun-Kyo Chung

Stage effects on stalling and recovery of a high-speed 10-stage axial-flow compressor
William Ward Copenhaver

A symbolic formulation for equations of motion of multibody systems
Alan G. Lynch

The effect of oil on heat transfer and pressure drop during evaporation and condensation of refrigerant inside augmented tubes
Lynn Michael Schlager

Reprocessing of long-cooled nuclear fuel: Process description and plant design
Okan H. Zabunoglu


Interferometric study of natural convection heat transfer from a vertical flat plate with transverse roughness elements
Sushil Hiroo Bhavnani

The numerical and analytical study of bifurcation and multicellular flow instability due to natural convection between narrow horizontal isothermal cylindrical annuli at high Rayleigh numbers
Daniel Bartholemew Fant

Development of two-group, two-dimensional, frequency dependent detector adjoint function based on the nodal method
Soli T. Khericha

A three-dimensional nodal solution for the frequency dependent neutron diffusion equation
Abdulghani M. Melaibari

A three-dimensional dual potential procedure for rotational flows
Kuditipudi Venkatram Rao

Disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste: design and technical/economic analysis
Jordi Roglans-Ribas

Combining sensitivity methods and computer graphics for interactive analysis of vibration modes
Judith Marie Callicott Vance

Effects of free stream turbulence, Reynolds number, and incidence angle on axial turbine cascade performance
S. B. Vijayaraghavan

An experimental and theoretical study of a hydronic radiant ceiling panel heating system
Zhuanglin Zhang


Sensitivity analysis approach for robust probabilistic risk assessment
Shahid Ahmed

Pool boiling from GEWA surfaces in water and R-113
Zahid Hussain Ayub

Formulation and analysis of higher order finite difference approximations to the neutron diffusion equation
Mohammed Benghanem

Development of a polynomial nodal model to the multigroup transport equation in one dimension
Masoud Feiz

Unsteady flows in a single-stage transonic axial-flow fan stator row
Michael Dale Hathaway

Augmentation of in-tube evaporation and condensation with micro-fin tubes using refrigerants R-113 and R-22
Jatin C. Khanpara

Application of viscous-inviscid interaction methods to transonic turbulent flows
Daesung Lee

Effect of microstructure and mechanical properties on the erosion of 18 Ni (250) maraging steel and aluminum alloys
Mahmood Naim

Investigation of turbulence promoting inserts for augmenting heat transfer from gases in tubes
Velumylum Nirmalan

General correlations for pressure drop and heat transfer for single-phase turbulent flows in ribbed tubes
Tiruvadi Srinivasa Ravigururajan

Vibration identification of nuclear reactor components by statistical analysis of neutron noise
John Thomas Sankoorikal

Ride and handling models of a vehicle with active suspensions
Jay E. Shannan


Dynamics and control of spin-stabilized spacecraft with sloshing fluid stores
Daniel Eugene Hill

A boundary layer computational model for predicting the flow and heat transfer in sudden expansions
Jeffrey P. Lewis

Heat transfer characteristics of simulated microelectronic chips under normal and enhanced conditions
Kyung-Am Park

Measurements of the flow and thermal characteristics of turbulent jets in cross flow
Sherif Ahmed Sherif


Prediction of laminar flows over a rearward-facing step using the partially-parabolized Navier-Stokes equations
Ing-Tsau Chiu

Falling film evaporation on horizontal tubes with smooth and structured surfaces
Ming-Chien Chyu

Heat transfer enhancement downstream of vortex generators on a flat plate
Aly Youssef Turk

Reliability analysis for the emergency power system of a pressurized water reactor facility during a loss of offsite power transient
See-Meng Wong


Development and application of a decision methodology for the planning of nuclear research and development in Saudi Arabia
Waleed Hussain Abulfaraj

Simulation of plenum thermo-hydraulics in a liquid metal fast breeder reactor under a buoyancy-affected condition
Min-jen Chen

Time-optimal control strategies for residential heating systems using state-space techniques
Roy R. Crawford

Quantitative assessment of human contribution to risk in nuclear power plants
Abdallah Ahmad Ezzedin

Application of viscous-inviscid interaction to separated flows with heat transfer including rearward-facing step flows
Edward Joseph Hall

A calculation procedure for the partially-parabolized Navier-Stokes equations in transformed coordinates for two-dimensional flow in channels of variable cross-section
Philip Charles Eberhardt Jorgenson

Analysis of the nine-point finite difference approximation for the heat conduction equation in a nuclear fuel element
Mohamed Kadri

The effect of rare-earth element additions on microstructural properties and irradiation behavior of an Fe-Ni-Cr alloy for LMFBR and fusion reactor applications
Jin-Young Park

The transformation strain dependence on applied stress in equiatomic nickel-titanium alloys of powder metallurgical origin
Peter Ramon

Electrical breakdown and ignition of an electrostatic particulate suspension
Tae-U Yu


Assessment of the impact of fueling machine failure on the safety of CANDU-PHWR
Tawfik Ahmed Al-Kusayer

A method to characterize air exchange in residences for evaluation of indoor air quality
Eduardo Alberto Baptista Maldonado

Analysis and modeling of human performance in nuclear power plants
Abdel-Mohsen Morsy Metwally


Use of the local-global concept in detecting component vibration in reactors
Mansur A. Al-Ammar

Development and application of a methodology for the analysis of significant human related event trends in nuclear power plants
Hang Youn Cho

Perturbation theory in nuclear fuel management optimization
Li-Wei Ho

Reliability and system analysis of nuclear desalination plants based on operation experience
Ibrahim Ismail Kutbi

Prediction of the incompressible flow over a rearward-facing step
O. Key Kwon


Design of turbine cascades with transitional profile boundary layers
Gabriel Acacio Alarcon

Fatigue effects in the wear of polymers
Vinod Kumar Jain

Boiling heat transfer and critical heat flux in helical coils
Michael Keith Jensen

Development and application of a formal methodology for the selection of fusion energy options
Rasool Kenarangui

Augmentation of in-tube condensation of R-113
Minh Luu

Dynamic thermal responses of buildings and systems
Desh Paul Mehta

The influence of turbulence on combustion in open pre-mixed flames
Eldon Stanley Powell

Two-phase flow characterization using reactor noise techniques
Mikdam Mahmood Saleh


Use of adjoint space models for predicting the response of a neutron detector to core parametric fluctuations
Lung-Rui Huang

Fast neutron spectrum measurement with threshold detectors
Mohammad Moghari


Engineering and safety analysis of dual-purpose nuclear desalination plants: a case study (Saudi Arabia)
Abdul-Rahman Ahmed-Foad Abdul-Fattah

Effects of minor alloying additions on the strength and swelling behavior of an austenitic stainless steel
Gregory Raymond Gessel

A toroidal fusion reactor design based on the reversed-field pinch
Randy Lee Hagenson

Blade-surface boundary layer and wake computational models for estimation of axial-flow compressor and fan blade-row fluid turning angles and losses
Elmer Carl Hansen

Probabilistic prediction of the Jominy curve of low alloy steels from composition and grain size
Trieu-Ky Ho

Precipitation kinetics of a continuous precipitator, with application to the precipitation of ammonium polyuranate
Richard Conrad Hoyt

Prediction of turbulent jets and plumes in flowing ambients
Shinh-Sing Hwang

Heat transfer in in-tube flow of non-Newtonian fluids
Sadanand Dattatray Joshi

Micromechanism of wear at polymer-metal sliding interface
Malay Kumar Kar

Prediction of incompressible separated boundary layers including viscous-inviscid interaction
O. Key Kwon

Prediction of laminar and turbulent flow heat transfer in annular passages
Mujeeb Rehman Malik


Determination of subcritical reactivity in a liquid-metal-cooled fast breeder reactor by the coherence function method
Norman Hai-Ming Koo

Interpretation of neutron noise spectra measured in the presence of fluctuating voids
Massoud Nabavian

The effects of cryoforming and aging on the structure and mechanical properties of an austenitic stainless steel alloy
Justin Opoku


Detection of void fluctuations in reactor coolant channels by neutron noise analysis
Jerry Tong-Huei Lu


The formulation and analysis of the nine-point finite difference approximation for the neutron diffusion equation in cylindrical geometry
Hamza Khudhair Al-Dujaili

Strong turbulence theory with propagator method and the moment equations for Tokamaks
Güngör Gündüz

A finite-difference analysis of turbulent, axisymmetric, buoyant jets and plumes
Imtiaz Kamil Madni

Augmentation of horizontal in-tube condensation of steam
John Henri Royal


Neutron penetration using the transfer matrix method
Te-Chang Chan

A second-order method of characteristics for two-dimensional unsteady flow with application to turbomachinery cascades
Robert Anthony Delaney

Application of differential dynamic programming to nuclear fuel management optimization
Larry Edgar Fennern

Subsurface void contrast by scanning electron microscopy: theory and applications
Joseph Kirk Gasper

Reactor anomaly detection based on noise analysis
George William Hannaman Jr.

Laminar flow heat transfer in ordinary and augmented tubes
Shun-Wu Hong

Combined forced and free laminar convection in horizontal tubes
Samy Morad Morcos

Flow characteristics of a two-phase mixture in an axial spool valve
George Rexford Schade

Measurement of transient critical heat flux by fluid modeling
Tien-Dun Shih


Effects of distortion in a river model for temperature prediction
Yau-Ming Chien

Prediction of reactor coolant blowdown by similitude theory
Dug Kwang Choi

Study of Ames Laboratory Research Reactor physics characteristics by few group design techniques
Joseph Samuel Crudele

Some aspects of deviation angle estimation for axial-flow compressors
Max Joseph Miller

Delayed neutron emission from mass-separated fission products
Jay Harold Norman


Prediction of heated effluent dispersion in a stream using similitude techniques
Max Myron DeLong

Analysis of radiation from a line source using the transmission matrix method
Hiroshi Hiranuma

Performance characteristics for optimized core module of liquid metal fast breeder reactor
Satoshi Minakuchi

An explicit finite difference analysis for developing turbulent internal flows with heat transfer and property variations
Ron Michael Nelson

Containment systems for storage of solidified high-level radioactive wastes in bedded salt deposits
Terence Joseph Sullivan


The influence of inlet velocity distribution on the flow through a plane curved diffuser
Chester Joseph Blechinger

Creep recovery of rutile under reduced stress
Vinjamuri Krishnamachari

Preparation of uranium metal and dense UO2 shapes by the carbon reduction of U3O8
James Keith McClusky

Reactor frequency response based on pulsed neutron techniques
Donald Albert Moen

Analysis of burnup effect on thermal conductivity of UO2 during irradiation
Chern Hwa Tsai


Simulation of heated effluent dispersion in an open channel
James Robert Bull

Thermal, radiation and mechanical analysis of cylindrical oxide fuel elements of fast reactor in unsteady state
Chi-kang Cheng

Spatially dependent stochastic behaviour of coupled core reactors
Mohamed El-Sayed Nagy

Applications of heat pipes to nuclear reactor engineering
Monte Bryce Parker

Incompressible skewed turbulent boundary layer on an end wall of a curved two-dimensional diffuser
Marvin Dale Smith

Applications of optimal control theory to space-time reactor kinetics
Steven Robert Specker


Detection of sodium boiling in fast sodium-cooled reactors by neutron measurements
Keith Eugene Asmussen

Liquid-metal corrosion effects of iron additions on uranium-chromium eutectic in yttrium
Robert James Cash

Coupling effects in fast reactors using the Monte Carlo technique
George Fergus Flanagan

Preliminary design and feasibility study of a nuclear-powered agro-industrial complex in Iran
Ebrahim Jalali-Mossallam

A hybrid computer method for two dimensional calculations involving the Laplacian operator
Richard Lee Jaworski

Weight optimization of reactor shielding using transmission matrix methods
William Dale Leech

The response of a coupled core reactor to a localized oscillation of the absorption cross section
Walter Charles Nodean

Green’s function formulation of Laplace transformed multigroup diffusion equations
Michael Richard Ringham


Electron transport theory using methods of invariant imbedding
Robert Jay Barrett

Analysis of coupled core reactors using the natural mode approximation
Joaquin Manuel Betancourt

Applications of the transmission matrix method to neutron and gamma transport
Ervin Thomas Boulette

The effect of gamma radiation on the conductivity of sodium chloride
Michael Claudewell Jon Carlson

Gamma-irradiation effects in single-crystalline barium titanate
John Joseph Keating

Neutron activation analysis applied to arsenic determination
Bong Kyu Lee

Hamiltonian formalism applied to multidimensional reactor systems and related concepts
Larry Charles Madsen

Solution of the space-time dependent neutron kinetics equations for a reflected slab reactor
James Hugh McFadden

Spatially dependent frequency response of coupled core reactors
Ira Wilson Merritt Jr.

Application of invariant imbedding to radiation transport theory
John Lou Ridihalgh


An analog simulation of the Chezem-Helmick model of a two-core reactor
Alberto Manuel Campos

Solution of space-time kinetic equations for coupled-core nuclear reactors
Neal Edward Carter

Design of a marine nuclear power plant utilizing the direct Brayton cycle
Bruce Stephen Gathy

Heat transfer and boundary-layer transition in shock-tube flows with shock-induced exothermic reactions
Jerry Lee Hall

Fatigue of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy due to broad-band and narrow-band random loading
Benny Max Hillberry

Neutron thermalization in water using spherical geometry
Mohamed Shawky Fahim Nassar

Neutron kinetics based on the equation of telegraphy
George Frederick Niederauer

Use of modal expansions for the determination of spatially dependent reactor transfer functions
Stamatis Nicholas Paleocrassas

Measurement of shutdown margin
Knud Borge Pedersen

Pressure distribution on a fixed surface parallel to a rotating disk
Leo Charles Peters


Heat transfer in the shock-induced unsteady boundary layer on a flat plate
Elmer John Felderman

Cross-spectral density measurements in a coupled-core reactor
Richard Allan Hendrickson

Electrical resistivity of carbon granules in a fluidized bed
Arthur Lowell Jones

Sensible heat sources using fission products
Donald Porter Naismith

Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for the entrance region of suddenly accelerated parallel plates
Jerry Dean Pearson

Thermal models for prediction of neutron flux levels in reactors
Larry Dale Schlenker

Effect of oxygen content on the liquid metal corrosion of molybdenum
Dale LeRoy Smith

Perturbation theory applied to a variational analogy between reactor theory and classical mechanics
Richard Eyring Turley


Application of dimensional analysis to radiation shielding
Walid Constantine Assaf

Surface temperature distribution of thermocouple alloys by infrared photography
Albert Eugene Bolon

Superconducting coils for shielding in space
George Anthony Englesson

Laplace-variational method for transient multidimensional temperature distributions
Philip Arthur Loretan

Fluid velocity profile development for turbulent flow in smooth annuli
Theodore Hisao Okiishi

The effect of selected impurities on some optical properties of silicon
Neil Herman Schilmoeller


Temperature dependent neutron thermalization
Varada P.T Charyulu

Gamma-ray penetration of iron-lead shields
Vishvanath Dattatraya Chitnis

Heat transfer in the region of interaction of an oblique shock wave and a laminar boundary layer
William John Cook

Response of statically and dynamically loaded cylinders embedded in granular materials
Douglas Charles Dowell

The effects of free-stream turbulence on heat transfer from a flat plate with a pressure gradient
George Hanbury Junkhan

Through-flow solution for axial turbomachine blade rows
Patrick Kavanagh

Computed effect of neutron irradiation on the concentration of interstitials and vacancies in niobium
Bryant Neil Kristianson

Effects of longitudinal impact on the fracture of round plaster rods
Edwin Curgus Lindly

Flow instability in a naturally circulating boiling water reactor
Mark Arthur McDermott

Design of UTR-10 fission plate
Seymour John Raffety

Analysis of thermoelectric materials for the direct conversion of nuclear energy
Glenn Earl Russcher

Gamma dosage in the vicinity of cylindrical voids in shields
Donald Stuart Sasscer

Shim control of heavy-water moderated power reactors by removal of light-water poison
Charles White Sayles


Motion of fluid in a moving vessel
Orest Cochkanoff

Random noise analysis in the Iowa State University UTR-10 reactor
Richard Arlen Danofsky

Vapor condensation under nonequilibrium conditions
Victor Henry Heiskala

Optimization of the range of an unpowered space vehicle subjected to an aerodynamic heating constraint
Warren George Lambert

Stochastic processes in coupled nuclear reactor cores
Henri Romain Leribaux

Instability of cylindrical reactor fuel elements
Benjamin Mingli Ma

Rectilinear oscillations of a sphere immersed in a bounded viscous fluid
Kenneth George McConnell

Effect of pressure on the flammable limits of some hydrocarbon-air mixtures
Wayne Allen Muth

Economic integration of nuclear power into the Iowa power system
Alfred Franklin Rohach

Electrical analog of the potential distribution in two-dimensional unsteady-flow fields
David James Shippy

Engineering design considerations for a liquid-metal in-pile loop
David Henry Thompson

Annealing of radiation-induced defects in polycrystalline bismuth
Mattackal Kuruvilla Verghese


Plasma theory applied to ball lightning
Donald Gilbert Carpenter

Effect of cavities on neutron diffusion
Richard Ni-Chong Hwang

Dynamic response characteristics of fluid transmission lines
Bruce Leland Johnson

Flow in pump and compressor inlet passages
John Clifford Lysen

Some effects of Pu-240, Pu-241, and Pu-242 on the Pu-239 critical mass of a fast reactor
Frank Peter Mertes Jr.

Preliminary design of a power generating system using a fissile gas
Agust Valfells


Dropwise condensation on a long vertical pipe
Joseph Toa Seng Ma


A method for the prediction of the off-design performance of axial-flow compressors
George Kaspar Serovy


Experimental determination and mathematical evaluation of physical characteristics of beef processed at high retort temperatures
Henryk Hurwicz