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Acoustofluidic self-assembly of colloidal materials for additive manufacturing
Meghana Akella

Automated approaches for the construction of image based phase diagrams
Badrinath Balasubramaniam

Graphene humidity sensor with gold nanoparticles
Jiawei Bao

Machine learning assisted optimization with applications to diesel engine optimization with the particle swarm optimization algorithm
Aaron M. Bertram

A framework for geometric modeling and structural analysis of composite laminates
Onur Rauf Bingol

Additive manufacturing of flexible energy harvesting and storage device
Bolin Chen

Digital In-line Holography of blood atomization
Reetam Das

An investigation of an ionic liquid analog to the conventional metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
Richard Effler

Study of combustion performance of Al/PTFE B/PTFE and B/Al/PTFE composites
Liyun Feng

Deep learning for monitoring cyber-physical systems
Tryambak Gangopadhyay

Optimizing bioprosthetic heart valves using isogeometric analysis and surrogate modeling
Jung Hyun Ha

Design and rapid prototyping of printed graphene electrochemical biosensors for sensitive monitoring of pesticide levels for agricultural use
John Hondred

Animated rendering of cardiac model simulations
Xin Huang

Development of elastomeric coatings with reduced wear for ice-free applications
Jocelyn Lachelle Jackson

Droplet coalescence in an emulsion to support process scale-up of a topical ointment
Arya Ketabchi Haghighat

Computational design of stable particles in inertial microfluidic flows: A step towards passive manipulation
Aditya Kommajosula

Analyzing and exploiting biomass thermal deconstruction
Jake Kendall Lindstrom

Overcoming the limitations of commodity augmented reality head mounted displays for use in product assembly
Jack Miller

Head impact simulation using coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
Miao Na

Optimization of multi-injection diesel combustion through direct application of ABC and PSO variant algorithms
Ryan Michael Ogren

The impact of pot lids on household energy use
Olamide Elizabeth Opadokun

Development of particle-scale simulation methods for multiphase flow study
Yaoyu Pan

Placenta-on-a-chip: A microfluidic platform to study the drug transport across the human placental barrier
Rajeendra Lakruwan Pemathilaka

Process intensification of biomass fast pyrolysis via autothermal operation
Joseph Patrick Polin

Collaborative product review using virtual reality interface devices performance studying
Mihir Radia

Data-driven approaches for improving failure resilience of engineered systems
Mohammadkazem Sadoughi

Thermal decomposition of chemical warfare agent simulants diisopropyl methylphosphonate and tributyl phosphate
Patrick Sanderson

A framework for indoor air quality sensor placement accounting for uncertainties and performing risk assessments
Himanshu Sharma

Electronic and thermal transport properties of engineered organic-inorganic halide perovskite structures
Rahul Singh

Calibration of structured light system using unidirectional fringe patterns
Vignesh Suresh

Exfoliation of scalable few layer biocompatible graphene nanosheets using a protein-assisted mechano-chemical technique
Deepak-George Thomas

Applying computer vision for detection of diseases in plants
Xuan Truong Tran

Raman-based study of micro/nanoscale structure and thermal transport
Ridong Wang

Controlled cavitation design and investigation of its effect in traumatic-brain injuries
Alex Wrede

Advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology for non-noble metal-based oxygen evolution electrocatalysts
Bowei Zhang

Deep learning for field-based automated high-throughput plant phenotyping
Zhisheng Zhang