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Energy and food security in the context of biomass, crop production and soil quality in Uganda
Nataliya Apanovich

High-quality 3D shape measurement with binarized dual phase-shifting method
Saptarshi Basu

Techno-economic analysis of biochemicals and biofuels production via thermal and electrochemical processes
Denis Bbosa

A surrogate head system for blunt impact experiments
Timothy J. Beavers

Solvent liquefaction of waste materials
Joel Braden

Modeling and control of complex building energy systems
Venkatesh Chinde

Understanding heat carrier effects in a laboratory-scale auger pyrolyzer
Tannon Jeffrey Daugaard

Highly sensitive biosensors with interdigitated electrode arrays
Shaowei Ding

An examination of ash elutriation from a fluidized bed regenerator
Dane Erickson

Development of a 3D conceptual design environment using a commodity head mounted display virtual reality system
Gabriel Evans

Cross-plane thermal transport in graphene-based structures
Meng Han

A framework for isogeometric-analysis-based design and optimization of wind turbine blades
Austin Herrema

An evaluation of the Microsoft HoloLens for a manufacturing-guided assembly task
Melynda Hoover

Effect of nanoparticle additives on the tribological behavior of oil under boundary lubrication
Yosef Jazaa

Distributed optimization for control and learning
Zhanhong Jiang

Transfer matrix modelling of double Helmholtz resonator arrays as sound insulating double panel partitions
Sanvisna Kogelen

Fabrication of flexible thermoelectric generators
Matthew Mark Kruse

Automated venetian blinds and lighting integrated into office Building Automation Systems: Full-scale testing and economic analysis
Niraj Kunwar

Experimental and theoretical investigation of organically-capped, nanoscale alkali metal hydride and aluminum particles as solid propellant additives
Adam Lawrence

Investigating the development of the bioproducts production platform from a techno-economic and environmental perspective
Wenqin Li

Investigating the use of Bayesian networks for small dataset problems
Anastacia Maria Macallister

Tangible augmented reality intervention for a product dissection task
Chloe McPherson

Investigating the effect of retained austenite and residual stress on rolling contact fatigue of carburized steel with XFEM and experimental approaches
George Theng Ching Ooi

Computational methods to engineer process-structure-property relationships in organic electronics: The case of organic photovoltaics
Balaji Sesha Sarath Pokuri

Bio-based carbon fiber from biorefinery lignin and lignin-derived bio-oil
Wangda Qu

Investigating the effect of retained austenite on wear and fatigue behavior of AISI 8620 steel
Sougata Roy

Exploring Granger causality in dynamical systems modeling and performance monitoring
Homagni Saha

Using Google Cardboard to perform a visual field screening test
Dhanraj Selvaraj

Nondestructive evaluation and in-situ monitoring for metal additive manufacturing
Hossein Taheri

Investigation of fundamental transport and physicochemical phenomena in lignocellulosic fast pyrolysis
Jordan A. Tiarks

Investigation of mean volume fraction fluctuations on the mean drag force acting on spherical particle assemblies
Jacob Aaron Vogts

Thermal characterization of nm-thick black phosphorus based on Raman spectroscopy
Tianyu Wang

Quantification of leaflet flutter in bioprosthetic heart valves using fluid-structure interaction analysis
Nelson Michael Wiese

Fluid–structure interaction modeling and simulation of transcatheter heart valves
Cheng-Hao Wu

Spatiotemporal graphical modeling for cyber-physical systems
Linjiang Wu

Immersogeometric analysis of compressible flows
Fei Xu

Numerical analysis of a non-polymeric double-network composite
Qitong Yao

In-situ stress monitoring during corrosion and electrodeposition
Brendan Shin Hau Yeah

Interface energy transport of two-dimensional (2D) MoS2
Pengyu Yuan

Thermal transport and thermal structural domain in microfibers
Bowen Zhu

Two-photon laser-induced fluorescence in sodium-doped composite propellant flame
Keke Zhu