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A computation study on contextual self-organizing maps for subset data integration
Holly Deann Baiotto

Data efficient assimilation of multi fidelity information
Sangeeth Balakrishnan

Deep learning and GPU-accelerated algorithms for computer-aided engineering
Aditya Balu

Microwave enhancement of energetic materials combustion through gas-phase flame interactions
Stuart James Barkley

Experimental studies of the near-nozzle region of a coaxial spray
Julie Kathleen Bothell

Experimental investigations of a semi-batch Taylor vortex reactor using hexane and water
Charlton Campbell

Hydrodynamic cavitation for scalable exfoliation of few layered graphene nanosheets
Steven Hiran De Alwis

Investigating a finite element model for acoustic field-assisted particle patterning – applications in additive manufacturing of polymer composites
Michael Flannery

A cybermanufacturing framework incorporating deep learning and multi-resolution voxel representations
Sambit Ghadai

Real-time aerodynamic load estimation and aircraft prognostic control using distributed flush air data system (FADS) sensor network
Ruchir Goswami

Interfacial thermal conductance between monolayer WSe2 and SiO2 with consideration of radiative electron-hole recombination
Nick Hunter

Application of the quadrature-based conditional moment closure to hydrogen combustion and computational fluid dynamics simulations of stirred tank reactor for gas-liquid systems
Aziz Dogan ilgun

A framework for multi-physics simulations using four-chamber cardiac models
Arian Jafari

Experimental and simulation-based performance analysis of integrated dynamic shading and lighting controls in office spaces
Niraj Kunwar

Multirobot deployment, coordination and tracking strategies: A computational-geometric approach
Guillermo Jesus Laguna

Advances in reliability analysis and health prognostics using probabilistic machine learning
Meng Li

Stability analysis of non-holonomic inverted pendulum system
Sayani Maity

Mechanics of blast-induced traumatic brain injury in porcine brain tissue
Annastacia McCarty

Application of deep learning and machine learning workflows for field-scale phenotyping
Seyed Vahid Mirnezami

Mechanotransduction: Cellular dynamic mechanical behavior quantification and control
Keyvan Mollaeian

Application of plasmonic devices in spectroscopy and biomedical studies
Hosein Monshat

An investigation of droplet growth and phase separation in an oil and water emulsion under controlled shear and temperature conditions
Hannan Nadeem

Long short-term memory (LSTM) neural network-based system identication and augmented predictive control of piezoelectric actuators
Mayur Shivaji Patil

Modelling and optimal control of nanopositioning piezo stage
Tarun Pati

Derivation of autothermal pyrolysis reaction kinetics
Chad Alan Peterson

Surface nanotexture variations and applications using high repetition ultrashort laser
Faez Qahtani

Numerical modeling of oil shale in-situ pyrolysis by radio frequency heating using a thermal – phase field – mechanical – electromagnetic (TPME) two-dimensional finite element method framework
Travis St. George Ramsay

Eulerian models and kinetic theory closures for triboelectric charging in dense granular and gas-particle flows
Manjil Ray

Towards a federated approach to energy systems modeling
Zachary Reinhart

Building energy efficiency retrofit prioritization: A case study of the Iowa Army National Guard
Benjamin Robertson

Data-driven approaches for battery state estimation and early cycle life prediction
Sheng Shen

Influence of muzzle gases on blood droplet backspatter
Nathaniel D. Sliefert

A device for sensing and balance augmentation using functional electrical stimulation
Nazita Taghavi

Fabrication of advanced electrochemical capacitors with higher energy density
Xiaohui Tang

Analysis of dispersed multiphase flow using fully-resolved direct numerical simulation: Flow physics and modeling
Vahid Tavanashad

Tribological evaluation of lubricant additives under boundary lubrication
Derek Lee White