Graduate Admissions – Which degree is for me?

Each degree offers a different curriculum and career trajectory. The Master of Engineering (online or on-campus) is an excellent way for advance their knowledge further than a bachelor’s degree and gain a competitive edge in their industry. Depending on how many courses the student takes each semester, the Master of Engineering coursework can be completed in one year.

The Master of Science is different from the Master of Engineering because it has a research component. Many students choose to pursue both a M.S. and a Ph.D. The Master of Science provides students the opportunity for research experience with faculty. A Master of Science is typically earned in two years.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the highest degree that is available. The Ph.D. includes coursework and research. Ph.D. students develop strong mentorship with their advisors and work closely with them during their studies. It’s important to have a good match with your major professor. The duration for the Ph.D. is between four to five years. Those that pursue both a master’s and Ph.D. take between five to six years to complete their studies.