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φ=0.05 Rem = 50


Gas-phase velocity fluctuations in freely evolving suspensions(1)

φ=0.05 Rem = 50, ρp / ρf = 100.

Particles intersecting the middle plane are colored as red, those intersecting the front or
back plane are colored as yellow, and the rest are colored as gray.


(1) These results are obtained from the in-house code PUReIBM (Particle-resolved Uncontaminated-fluid  Reconcilable Immersed Boundary Method) developed at Center for Computational Thermo-Fluids Research Lab at Iowa State University. For Further information, please refer to the following articles: 22, 25, 33, 36

Formation of particle clusters in a homogeneous cooling gas of cohesive particles

Cluster is defined as a group of particles that are in contact. The coloring used in this movie represents the number of particles in clusters. The simulation parameters are: Np=20146, φ=0.084, d0/D=1e-4, Ha=AR/(6d0)/(m*Tg/2)=0.8.

Evolution of Radial Distribution Function, g(r), corresponding to the homogeneous cooling gas of cohesive particles

Formation of clusters increases the probability of finding a neighbor particle at contact

Gas-phase velocity fluctuations in a fixed bed with clustered particles

φ=0.084, Rem=50.

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