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Iowa State University Courses

ME 332 – Engineering Thermodynamics II

This course builds on the foundation developed in Engineering Thermodynamics I. Fundamental concepts of gas mixtures, psychrometry, and thermochemistry are addressed. Analyses and applications include refrigeration, air conditioning, combustion, chemical equilibrium, and one-dimensional compressible flow.

ME 370 – Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation

This course introduces Mechanical Engineering students to engineering measurements and instrumentation. Students are exposed to the design, selection, and operation of various measurement systems and components. Measurement processes, data acquisition systems, data analysis, and propagation of measurement uncertainty are also addressed. A laboratory component of this course provides the student an opportunity to use various measurement systems.

ME 436 – Heat Transfer

This course is an introduction to heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation. Included are fundamental concepts based on the first law of thermodynamics. Topics include similarity concepts for heat, mass, and momentum transfer; methods for determination of heat transfer coefficients; combined modes of heat transfer; and heat exchangers.

ME 531 – Advanced Energy Systems and Analysis

This is one of two required courses for the Masters of Engineering in Energy Systems program. In this course, energy systems are introduced, including economic and thermodynamic principles. Various production systems are analyzed. Applications to transportation and building systems are emphasized. Sustainability, climate change, and other current energy system topics are also addressed.

ME 536 – Advanced Heat Transfer

As in ME 436, heat transfer by diffusion, convection, and radiation are covered in this course. However, these topics are covered in greater depth, and students will leave ME 536 with a better appreciation of the underlying fundamentals and with improved analytical skills. Mass transfer by diffusion and convection are also covered.

ME 538 – Advanced Fluid Flow

As in ME 335, incompressible and compressible fluid flow fundamentals will be covered. However, these topics are covered in greater depth. Students will leave ME 538 with a better appreciation of the underlying fundamentals and with improved analytical skills. Particular emphasis will be placed on control volume analysis, inviscid/viscous fluid flow, and laminar/turbulent boundary layer flow.

Institute of Paper Science and Technology Courses

Dr. Heindel has also taught a variety of courses at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology. These courses include:

  • Transport Phenomena
  • Thermodynamics
  • Paper Recycling and Deinking
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mass Transfer
  • Numerical Analysis