Basic Program

The first year program is much the same for all professional curricula in the College of Engineering.  Each curriculum requires completion of the Basic Program as well as the curriculum designated requirements.

The Basic Program is a set of courses common to all engineering curricula, while the curriculum designated requirements are courses required by individual curricula. The student who desires to receive the bachelor’s degree in a minimum time will find it desirable to select a curriculum as soon as possible.

Mechanical Engineering Basic Program Courses (27 Credits):

  • ENGR 101- Orientation
  • Math 165- Calculus I
  • Chem 167- Chemistry
  • ME 160- Analysis
  • Engl 150- Critical Thinking
  • Lib 160- Library
  • Math 166- Calculus II
  • Phys 221- Physics I
  • Engl 250- Communication

Basic Program Rule
Students enrolled in the College of Engineering must satisfy both of the following requirements before enrolling in the professional courses (200-level and above) offered by departments in the Engineering College:

  1. Completion of the basic program with a grade point average of 2.00 or better in the basic program courses.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better for all courses taken at Iowa State

To learn more about the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum, Courses, and the Basic Program for Engineering Curricula please visit the Iowa State University Course Catalog.