Stereolithography (SLA) Materials

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There are a variety of materials available for the Formlabs Form 3 printer. For a comprehensive list, please visit their website at Some key highlights include:

  • Standard (grey) resin – the standard resin.
  • Clear resin – an optically clear resin.
  • Durable/Tough/Rigid resin – engineering resins that feature enhanced properties compared to the standard grey resin.
  • Elastic/Flexible resin – resins that allow for bending and deforming.
  • Castable Wax resin – this resin can be baked out of a mold, allowing for lost wax casting.
  • High Temp resin – resin that can withstand up to 238°C.

Currently the only resin stocked is the grey resin and the flexible resin. Any requests of resins not already in stock will take an additional week or two to allow for shipping of new stock. For any questions, please contact the Additive Manufacturing Lab at