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You can find detailed pricing information for both the Stratasys FDM printers and the SLA printers in the PDF file below.

AML Price List

The pricing for printing on the Ender is structured in a similar way to the Stratasys printers, however it doesn’t have soluble support or tip wear.

Therefore the price will be the labor costs (labor rate is $27.69/hour):

  • base labor is 0.25 hours, this is to cover the time to process the model and start the prints
  • plus 0.25 hours per tray to be printed – if multiple parts fit on one tray then only 0.25 hours will be billed
  • plus 0.5 hours per tray if breakable supports are needed. If no supports are needed then this won’t be added.
  • If any material other than PLA is printed there will be an additional 0.2 hours added to cover the time to change materials

and the material costs. This value can change throughout the semester, but as of March 17th 2021:

  • the cost of Hatchbox PLA is $24.99/kg, or $0.51/in^3
  • Hatchbox ABs is $22.02/kg, or $0.36/in^3

The final price may vary slightly.

For pricing on the PCB printer or any other questions, please contact the Additive Manufacturing Lab at