Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Materials

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Ender Materials

The Ender is the economic choice for printing, and has a few materials available that the Stratasys printers do not and vice versa. Please contact the Additive Manufacturing Lab if you are interested in a material not listed. Please note: we do not accept requests for specific colors of prints unless you are willing to pay for a whole spool of filament. By default the filaments we have in stock are all black. Popular materials include PLA (our cheapest option), ABS, PETG, and TPU.

We try to stick to Hatchbox brand filaments, they can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/hatchbox

We can also print NinjaTek brand NinjaFlex – a very flexible TPU plastic: https://www.amazon.com/NinjaTek-3DNF01117505-NinjaFlex-Filament-Midnight/dp/B078JGZRCK/

Stratasys Materials

There are several materials available for the Stratasys FDM materials. Note that unless explicitly required, ABSplus and ASA will be used interchangeable by the Additive Manufacturing Lab. Below is a short description of each material, as well as a table summarizing the mechanical properties of each material.

ABSplus (ABS) and ASA are the standard materials, and the cheapest/fastest to print. They are suitable for most 3D printing requirements. ASA is slightly more UV resistant than ABSplus, and ABSplus is slightly stronger than ASA.

ABS M30i (M30i) is a biocompatible, sterilizable FDM material.

Nylon 12 (N12) has a very high strength and high fatigue resistance. It works well for parts requiring snap-fit enclosures, high vibration resistance, press fit inserts, and threaded inserts.

Polycarbonate (PC) has a very high strength and toughness, making it an ideal material for functional prototyping of tooling.

Ultem 1010 CG (U1010) is the strongest and highest temperature material we have available. It is also the highest cost. We stock the CG grade Ultem which is biocompatible and sterilizable.

Ultem 9085 (U9085) is flame retardent, with high strength and heat resistance. It offers an excellent cost to performance ratio.

ABS ASA M30i N12 PC U1010 U9085
Tensile Strength, Yield XZ 31 MPa 29 MPa 31 MPa 32 MPa 40 MPa 64 MPa 70 MPa
Tensile Modulus 2200 MPa 2010 MPa 2180 MPa 1282 MPa 1940 MPa 2770 MPa 2510 MPa
Heat Deflection Temp 96°C 98°C 96°C 97°C 138°C 216°C 177°C
Impact Toughness 106 J/m 64 J/m 128 J/m 150 J/m 73 J/m 41 J/m 88 J/m

For more information about the materials, please visit the Stratasys site.

If you have any questions about the Additive Manufacturing Lab feel free to contact us at me_aml@iastate.edu