Design and Manufacturing Innovation

Faculty Contact: Professor Abhijit Chandra

The design and manufacturing innovation program centers on transforming resources into useful and desirable products, cutting across all phases of the design and manufacturing cycle. In each phase, the transformation process is characterized in terms of innovation, quality, and efficiency. Novel experimental, computational, and analytical techniques are developed to advance our understanding of these transformation processes, as well as to study practical applications, including chemical mechanical planarization, laser processing, tribology at the micro/nano-scale, surface engineering, and characterization for biomedical applications. The interplay among engineering, the marketplace, and the regulatory environment influences design and manufacturing decisions. Our efforts contribute to better theories, models, and technologies that improve the realization of products.

Associated Faculty


Emmanuel Agba

Product realization, product lifecycle management, virtual manufacturing engineering, computer-aided engineering, high-speed machining, robotics, composite materials, plastics production, reverse engineering
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Abhijit Chandra

Mechanics of Manufacturing Laboratory
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Jim Heise

Product Design Engineering, Project Management, Design for Lean Sigma®/Six Sigma®
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Gap-Yong Kim

Metal matrix composites, Micro/nano manufacturing, Microforming, Semi-solid processing, Spray deposition, Fuel cells
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Greg Luecke

Laboratory of Advanced Robotics and Computer Control
Robotics and control, Multibody dynamics and simulation, Artificial neural networks for control
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Erin MacDonald

Product design; sustainable design; design optimization; behavioral psychology; construction of consumer preferences; judgment and decision-making regarding products; cognitive and learning styles
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Ross Morrow

Engineering design; environmentally benign engineering; environmental regulatory policy and engineering design; numerical methods for nonlinear problems; optimization and equilibrium problems; models of consumer choice
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Jim Oliver

Design and manufacturing process automation using:, Geometric modeling, Computer graphics, Visualization, Simulation, Optimization, Virtual reality, Human computer interaction
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Pranav Shrotriya

Mechanical response of micro/nano scale structures, Experimental and computational mechanics at small length scales, Mechanics of surface stress sensors and molecular adsorption, Stress-assisted dissolution and damage of biomedical implants, Mechanics of Manufacturing Processes
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Gloria Starns

Mechanism Design and Analysis, Numerical Optimization, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering, Engineering Education
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Sriram Sundararajan

Computation Laboratory
Surface engineering, Micro/nanoscale tribology (friction, lubrication and wear), Multiscale Mechanical behavior of materials, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Thin film characterization using three dimensional atom probe microscopy
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Judy Vance

Virtual Reality applications in mechanical engineering including virtual assembly, virtual manufacturing and mechanism synthesis; optimization; fundamentals of engineering design including design ideation and concept generation.
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Xinwei Wang

Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Science Laboratory
Thermal transport in micro/nanoscale materials (thin films, coatings, nanowires, and nanotubes): novel technique development for thermal conductivity measurement, the effect of material structure on its thermophysical properties
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