Clean Energy Technologies

Faculty Contact: Professor Terry Meyer

The clean energy technologies program investigates alternative energy, energy efficiency, and advanced processes and materials that have reduced resource demand and environmental impact. The fast-growing needs of emerging economies cannot be met over the long term without advances in the energy sciences. With the escalating price of fuel, geopolitical instability, and air and water pollution, we must develop a new technological paradigm to power the world’s economy. Our work is directed at innovations that reduce carbon emissions and environmental degradation, while providing low-cost, high-performance substitutes for depleting natural resources.  Below are some examples of the types of research activities taking place in the CET program:

Associated Faculty


Daniel Attinger

Attinger’s Lab
Micro and Nanofluidics, Convective Heat Transfer, Single Droplet/Bubble Dynamics, Multiscale Transfer Phenomena for Energy and Forensics Applications
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Robert C. Brown

Director, Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies
Gasification, Fast Pyrolysis, Bio-oil to fuels, Catalysis, Biocatalysis, Torrefaction of biomass, Biochar production for agronomic applications and carbon sequestration nutrient recycling between production agriculture and biofuels manufacturing
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Mark Bryden

Virtual Reality Applications Center
Development of the computational tools, algorithms, understandings, and strategies needed to analyze, understand, create, design, and build complex engineered, natural, or human system.
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Abhijit Chandra

Mechanics of Manufacturing Laboratory
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Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

Computational Physics and Mechanics Laboratory
Computational physics, computational mechanics (fluid mechanics and heat transfer), stochastic analysis, uncertainty quantification and propagation, multiscale modeling, control and optimization of complex systems, materials-by-design, and parallel computing and inverse problems.
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Nastaran Hashemi

Hashemi Lab
Microfluidics, Biosensors, Optofluidics, Microbial Fuel Cells, Bio-N/MEMS, Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Physics of Micro/Nanoscale Phenomena, Nonlinear Dynamics
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Ted Heindel

Experimental Multiphase Flow Laboratory
The Experimental Multiphase Flow Laboratory investigates hydrodynamics and mixing in gas-liquid, gas-solid, and gas-liquid-solid systems using X-ray flow visualization techniques, as well as gas-liquid mass transfer.
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Song-Charng Kong

Engine Laboratory
Clean Energy Technology, Biofuel Research
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Greg Luecke

Laboratory of Advanced Robotics and Computer Control
Robotics and control, Multibody dynamics and simulation, Artificial neural networks for control
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Erin MacDonald

Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainable (IRIS) Design Lab
Product design; sustainable design; design optimization; behavioral psychology; construction of consumer preferences; judgment and decision-making regarding products; cognitive and learning styles
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Gregory Maxwell

Industrial Assessment Center
Energy usage in buildings and HVAC systems. Industrial energy efficiency. Nuclear energy.
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Terry Meyer

Biorenewable Fuels and Combustion Laboratory
Laser imaging and spectroscopy for multiphase reacting flows, combustion, and nanoenergetics. Development and utilization of biorenewable fuels, biomass pyrolysis, and biopower. Power and propulsion, gas-turbines, scramjets, hypersonic vehicles, and internal combustion engines
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Ross Morrow

Engineering design; environmentally benign engineering; environmental regulatory policy and engineering design; numerical methods for nonlinear problems; optimization and equilibrium problems; models of consumer choice
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Reza Montazami

Montazami Lab
Smart Materials and Structures: Functional Thin-Films and Nanocomposites for Energy Harvesting, Sensors and Actuators, Green Energy, Nature-Inspired Soft Microrobotics (Biomedical Devices and Military Applications), MEMS and NEMS, Renewable Energy ( Electrofuels, Biofuel Cells, Batteries)
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Ron Nelson

Energy conversion and utilization, Environmental control, Thermal system optimization, Applied artificial intelligence
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Mike Olsen

Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Microelectromechanical Systems
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Sriram Sundararajan

Computation Laboratory
Surface engineering, Micro/nanoscale tribology (friction, lubrication and wear), Multiscale Mechanical behavior of materials, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Thin film characterization using three dimensional atom probe microscopy
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Xinwei Wang

Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Science Laboratory
Thermal transport in micro/nanoscale materials (thin films, coatings, nanowires, and nanotubes): novel technique development for thermal conductivity measurement, the effect of material structure on its thermophysical properties
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Jonathan Wickert

Vibration and Noise Control Laboratory
Mechanical vibration and noise control; continuous and multibody systems dynamics; applied mechanics; applications in computer data storage, flexible web material manufacturing, and friction-vibration interaction
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