Spring 2015 Seminar Series

All seminars will be held 11:00 to 11:50 a.m. in 2004 Black Engineering.

Date Speaker Title
January 27 James Michael
Iowa State University
Novel approaches in non-equilibrium combustion control and energy conversion
January 29 Hamid Marvi
Carnegie Mellon University
Snakes on a Sandy Plane
February 3 Jaime Javier Juárez
University of New Mexico Center for Biomedical Engineering
Feedback Control of Soft Materials
February 5 Jingjing Li
University of Hawaii
Forming and Joining of Lightweight and Multi-material Systems
February 10 Ivan Christov
Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Low Reynolds number flows through shaped and deformable conduits
February 12 Chao Hu
Medtronic, Inc., Minnesota
Toward Reliable Engineered System Design: Reliability-Based Design and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)
February 17 Lakshmi Prasad Dasi
Colorado State University
The Two-Way Street of Cardiovascular Biomechanics: Connecting Basic and Applied/Translational Research
February 19 Amor A. Menezes
University of California, Berkeley
Engineering Robotic Biological Systems
February 24 Thanh Duc Nguyen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NANO-MICRO-BIO INTERFACES: From Biointerfaced Nanopiezoelectrics to Biodegradable Three-Dimensional (3D) Microstructures for Biomedical Applications
March 3 Cong Wang
University of California, Berkeley
Control Techniques for Emerging Demands in Robotic Manufacturing
March 5 Lane Harrison
Tufts University
Quantitative Models for User-Centered Visualization Systems
March 26 Hanna Cho
Texas Tech University
Nonlinear Resonances at Micro/Nano-scales: Modeling, Intentional Implementation, and Applications
March 31 Juan Ren
Rutgers University
Dynamics & Control Approaches to Probe-based Rapid Broadband Nanomechanical Spectroscopy and High-Speed Imaging of Soft and Biological Materials
April 2 Jesse Austin-Breneman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aligning Interests in Complex System Design: from Aerospace to Emerging Markets
April 7 Hamed Hatami-Marbini
Oklahoma State University
An Experimental Study and Numerical Modeling of Biomechanical Properties of Corneal Extracellular Matrix
April 15 A.L. Yarin
University of Illinois at Chicago
From Electrospinning to Thermal Management in Microelectronics, From Co-Electrospinning to Nanofluidics