Shankar Subramaniam

Shankar Subramaniam


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Education and Training

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Aeronautical B.Tech. May 1988
Bombay, India Engineering

University of Notre Dame Aerospace M.S. Aug 1990
Notre Dame, IN Engineering

Cornell University Aerospace Ph.D. May 1997
Ithaca, NY Engineering

Research Intern General Motors R&D Center, MI Summer 1996

Postdoctoral Research Associate Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM 1997-1999

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305 Lab of Mechanics
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Areas of Interest

Modeling and simulation of gas-solid and particle-laden flows, granular flows, colloids and nanoparticle aggregation, spray modeling, combustion, turbulent reactive flows, mixing, stochastic models, particle methods, computational fluid dynamics. Application areas include riverbank water filtration, fluidized bed processes including chemical looping combustion and CO2 capture using dry sorbents.


Dr. Shankar Subramaniam is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University. He received his B. Tech. in aeronautical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Mumbai) in 1988 and is a recipient of the President’s Silver Medal. He earned his PhD at Cornell University, subsequent to an MS in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, USA. After his PhD he spent two years as a post-doctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Theoretical Division’s Fluid Dynamics Group. Prior to joining the ISU faculty in 2002, Subramaniam was an assistant professor at Rutgers University. He is a recipient of the US Department of Energy’s Early Career Principal Investigator award. His areas of expertise are in theory, modeling and simulation of multiphase flows (including sprays, particle-laden flows, colloids and granular mixtures), turbulence, mixing, and reacting flows. His current research concerns direct numerical simulation of gas-solid flows, hierarchical coarse-graining approaches, and mesoscale models of colloidal aggregation. He has served on the editorial board of the journal Atomization and Sprays, and currently serves on the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Multiphase Flow.