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John Polansky grad-pic

Post-Doc Research includes: theoretical and experimental phase change heat transfer research, theoretical and experimental study of evaporating meniscus dynamics and instability.

Sungu KimSungu_Kim

Graduate Student

I’m interested in Fluid Mechanics of interfacial phenomena, such as droplet atomization and droplet impact. In Attinger’s lab, my research topic is to minimize the uncertainty in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) including finding the origin of spatttered blood by reconstructing ballistic trajectory of blood droplets traveling in air. To achieve this, I utilize both flow visualization techniques and computational methods. My previous work includes fluid dynamic simulation of piezo inkjet nozzle and experimental investigation of open channel flow via PIV.

Sahar AndalibSahar Andalib

Graduate Student My research area is self-assembly and complex fluid evaporation which has a broad range of applications such as electronics, biosensors, high resolution printing, etc. Currently I am more focused on infrared (IR) thermography as well as visualization of evaporating droplets containing microparticles with different hydrophilicity.


Principal Investigator

Daniel Attinger


B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, 1997

Sc. D. in Technical Sciences, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland, 2001

Attinger’s research area is in multiphase microfluidics, which describes the dynamical behavior of several fluids or phases constrained by a micro-geometry. The Attinger Lab is located at 0047 Black Engineering.


Alums (Degree – Last known location)

  1. Talukder “Zaki” Jubery, Post-doc 2013-2016 – Post-doc with Ganapathysubramanian group, Mechanical Engineering, ISU
  2. Christophe Frankiewicz, Post-doc 2013-2016 – Post-doc in Material Sciences, ISU
  3. Basant Sikarwar, Post-doc 2013-2014
  4. Namwon Kim, Post-doc 2010-2011 – Assistant Professor at Texas State University
  5. Berengere Podvin-Delarue, Post-doc 2006-2007 – CNRS France
  6. Michael Grad, Ph.D 2012
  7. Amy Betz, Ph.D 2011 – Assistant Professor at Kansas State University
  8. Jie Xu, Ph.D 2010 – Assistant Professor at University of Illinois in Chicago
  9. Rajneesh Bhardwaj, Ph.D 2010 – Assistant Professor IIT Bombay

M.S. Students

  1. Matt Gulleen, M.S. 2015
  2. Gaël Osowiecki, M.S. 2011 – Ph.D EPFL
  3. Liqun Fu, M.S. 2011
  4. Simon Genther, M.S. 2010
  5. Erik Huber, M.S. 2010 – Ph.D Cornell
  6. Regis Vaillant, M.S. 2009
  7. Hussein Dhanani, M.S. 2008
  8. Robin Muller, M.S. 2008 – Biocartis Inc.
  9. Michel Dhur, M.S. 2007
  10. Rajneesh Bhardwaj, M.S. 2006
  11. Xiaolin Wang, M.S. 2005.

Undergraduate Students

  1. David Bromeier, B.S. 2015 – Sunsus Inc., North Carolina
  2. Suya Gao, B.S. 2014
  3. Samuel Tran Lam, B.S. 2014
  4. Alex Plyler, B.S. 2014
  5. Zachariah Wignall, B.S. 2014
  6. Yong Jie Lim, B.S. 2014
  7. Vincent Lee, B.S. 2014 – Ph.D Georgia Tech
  8. George Ooi, B.S. 2014
  9. Josh Lesh, B.S. 2014
  10. Mile Hayes, B.S. 2013
  11. Ying Xing, B.S. 2013
  12. James Chen, B.S. 2011
  13. Seth Aaron, B.S. 2011
  14. Martin Li, B.S. 2011
  15. Pablo V. Guzman, B.S. 2011
  16. Kristina Bebedzakova, B.S. 2011
  17. Max Gilmore, B.S. 2010
  18. Estela Gonzalez, B.S. 2010

High School Students

  1. Anne Baldwin, Summer 2008 – B.S. Harvard University
  2. Jonathan Kao, Summer 2004 and 2005 – B.S. and Ph.D Stanford University